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Ramay, Texas Rally No. 14 for OT Victory Over Kansas No. 17

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Courtney Remy scored 15 points երկու two free throws with one minute extra time ahead of Texas as the 14th-ranked Longhorns won the 17th regular season in Kansas 75-72. win on Tuesday night.

Kansas had a chance to equalize after Ramsey’s free throws, but ale Alain Wilson lost the ball to the lineup. Kai ones ounce made one free throw for Texas (14-6, 8-5 Big 12) and had 5 seconds left in the final score.

Ochai Ogbajay scored 17 points for Kansas (17-8, 11-6), which had a five-game winning streak. In the regular season, the “ay ahox” twice lost to Texas, the first time when the “Big 12” came on the field in 2011-2012. Texas’ 25-point win in Kansas on Jan. 2 was the Jayhox’s biggest loss to homeowner Bill Self.

Texas dominated most of the final four minutes of the settlement, with David McCormack delaying the lead by six seconds as the game increased to 66-66.

At the end of the first half, Kansas scored 14 points, and in the half – 11 points, before the Texas rally. The Jayhawks soon regained control with two escaped knives from Bryce Thompson, who ran 19-2.

Texas missed its first 12 attempts at 3 12 points but turned the game around when long-range shots started to join. Freshman Greg Brown scored two 3 points to start the second third

Two ounces of ike ounce և Andrew ones ounce 3 points 9. Texas was ahead 10-57-54.


Kansas. “Ay Ayhoks” still has a maximum of 12 “Big” victories և is fighting for the second place in the championship, being behind its next rival, “No. 2 Baylor”. He complained this week that each team in the Big 12 would not play twice, and said there were many teams who would like to shoot the undefeated Bears late in the season.

Texas. The Longhorns traveled four straight games to end their regular season under a newly revised Big 12 release. The Longhorns hold their pre-scheduled weekly meeting at Texas Tech No. 18, then end with Iowa, No. 7 Oklahoma և TCU flights that were previously postponed.


Kansas hosts Baylor on Saturday.

Texas play Saturday at Texas Tech, which gave the Longhorns their first 12th loss on Jan. 13, 79-77.


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