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Community pharmacy contractors may receive more inquiries about the use of coronavirus vaccine or coronavirus tests that are Muslim during the month of Ramadan, which begins this week. *

During Ramadan, Muslims are obliged to abstain from food, from drink to sunrise, as it is forbidden to use medicine. Here are some questions and answers to some of the questions that pharmacy teams can ask during Ramadan.

H. Are coronavirus vaccines available?
None of the current COVID-19 vaccines contain pork-derived ingredients or products of animal origin. Vaccines are completely halal.

Q. Can I get my coronavirus vaccine while I fast during Ramadan?
The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has confirmed that currently COVID-19 vaccines licensed in the UK are not valid during Ramadan. This is the opinion of Islamic scholars.

Therefore, patients can be assured that there is no need to cancel or delay a planned vaccination or delay responding to their vaccination invitation.

H. What if I get my vaccine during Ramadan and I feel bad?
BIMA has confirmed that if a patient feels unwell after a vaccination, the general principles of fasting during Ramadan apply.

BIMA has prepared a diagram detailing these points.

Q. Can I use coronavirus test kits during Ramadan?
BIMA has reviewed the views of schools of thought և recommending that the use of lateral flow device (LFD) or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing does not invalidate fasting during Ramadan, according to most Islamic scholars.

Resources և Signs

England Public Health has published three posters stating that COVID-19 vaccines are acceptable to Muslims, that they can get vaccines during Ramadan, which pharmacy teams can look at at their pharmacies next month.

Resources for sending assurances to patients for further reading can also be found at:

Patients may also be asked to consult their local imam for further guidance.

* The exact start date of Ramadan depends on the verified viewing of the moon, so it can start on different days depending on which mosque is viewing the announcement.


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