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Public health. Seattle և King County warns of “unusual” actions of coronavirus testing. The general director of the company says that everything is fine

Seattle residents should avoid several coronavirus testing operations that have occurred in King’s County, “patient data may not be secure,” and may not be able to provide accurate screening, the health department warned on Thursday.

A small number of “unusual” test sites were reported in Green Lake Park, Gas Works Park, Ballard, and Capitol Hill. The agency also received a report on the door-to-door operation in Auburn.

The Seattle Health Department said the sites in Seattle were viewed as windows, folding tables and signs.

The public health service said it had looked at staff at the sites, which offered tests without the use of personal protective equipment to keep the patient’s personal information “unreliable”.

Websites promote their tests for free, says Public Health, but the small print run on their documents shows that people can be billed. The testing staff also falsely claims to be “in the public health,” the health department said.

Moreover, the test lab did not send any positive test results using either the test sites to either the local or state health departments, and even after several weeks of work, they may not properly “test” their samples. to collect, said the Public Health.

All Seattle sites are operated by the same organization, Community Wellness America.

Steve Sterling, CEO of Community Wellness America, an acupuncturist in San Diego, said they operate test sites in at least 11 states, including Washington, where they conduct 3,000 to 5,000 examinations a day.

He said they would work with signature collection companies to fill the test sites.

“These people have lost their jobs since the election,” Sterling said. “It seemed unwise to see how we could set new goals for people.”

He said all test staff had received training on patient confidentiality and testing procedures.

He said the tests do not go out of pocket for patients, but they do collect insurance information.

“Everyone I spoke to said we were in good shape, we had no problems,” Sterling said.

In Aubergne, Public Health received a report that two people were going door-to-door, promoting testing services, falsely claiming that they had been sent by the Department of Health and the Governor.

“They claimed that they were nurses, but when asked, they did not show identification,” wrote Public Health.

Public health. Seattle King County said it had no regulatory powers over the testing operation, but they had lodged formal complaints with the state Department of Health and the Attorney General.

“Everyone should be aware that this test operation found in Seattle և Obern is not covered և is not approved by Public Health. “Seattle շրջան King County or Washington Department of Health,” wrote Public Health. “If you have received a COVID test from this disturbing practice, the results may not be accurate. You should consider retesting, especially if you have been exposed or have symptoms.”

Free coronavirus testing sites continue to be widely available in King County.

“The COVID-19 test remains relevant, and people who have symptoms or have been exposed should be screened immediately,” said Dr. FF Ducin, Seattle ինգ King County Health Officer. “We have a number of free trial options in the King’s area that provide reliable results. “People need to be aware of unusual test suggestions that may not be reliable.”



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