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Pro days are key for NFL aspiring students who have no points this year

BULDER, Colo. (AP) – As a back-to-back defense, Mustafa Son Onson has always enjoyed the rubber ankles of the University of Colorado’s annual work day.

He would be happy with his senior teammates as they were raised by NFL scouts in preparation for that year’s draft, he would like to encourage everyone when it was his turn.

The epidemic brought that long-awaited grave to his college career a very different experience than he could have imagined.

The COVID-19 restrictions on the university և district meant that no teammate could watch John Onson և Will Sherman, the only other Buffalo prospect who joined Colorado supporters across the Colorado last month.

“We did not have our teammates there to say. “Keep pushing,” John Onson said sadly.

John Onson և Sherman had to cheer each other up as the NFL staff scrutinized their every move.

“You used to have a crowd there. “But today it was just me, Mustafa, a group of scouts,” Sherman said. “So if someone else encouraged me there, it would definitely be great. I appreciated it. I did the same for him.

“We helped each other with this strange COVID.”

At least they had each other.

Within 25 to forty-five miles of Interstate, Colorado State wide receiver Warren Acks Exxon was the only participant in the Aries pro-day, a fact he claimed did not take away from the experience.

“I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I was a kid, running around the house with my helmet on and hitting the couch,” said Acks Exxon after two dozen scouts watched his solo performance.

“It was a really good performance for one guy,” said Acks Exxon. “I’m grateful that everyone showed up. I had to make a show for them.”

The Pro Days became even more important this spring when the NFL Scout was dismantled and team visits were banned due to the coronavirus.

“It would definitely be nice to go to Indy, get that week’s experience of what a combine is like, just by watching it all the time in my childhood,” Sherman said.

The plant allowed teams to receive timely medical reports, մի allowed uniform testing, և a timeline of prospects who could see how they rallied against their peers in their classroom, even historically.

This year was not like that.

Teams had to send spies, coaches, and top managers across the country for 103 colleges a day, replacing this year’s Indianapolis plant. Teams were also not allowed to have prospects for private movies, training or dinners. That left Zoom’s calls և all-star games և intensifying the pressure during the pro-days.

“Not being able to actually meet or see them in person until you get here, yes, that’s annoying,” said Oklahoma’s host Tylan Wallace during his blessing.

“I would say there was a little more pressure on us because this was our only job interview,” said Auburn recipient Anthony Schwartz.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“So because there’s one side to everything this year, I feel like it’s just putting a lot of pressure on everyone,” said Oklahoma suburban Ronnie Perkins.

The Colorado acronym exx, as well as dozens of prospects, also had something to prove after leaving the 2020 season because of COVID-19. While they were not playing in the Senior Bowl, their early days marked their only chance to remove rust from their long-term layoffs, showing off their sculpted bodies from pre-conscription courses, some of which began last fall, to prove they are still passionate about football.

“The next time I get a chance to walk between those lines,” Oregon’s attacking solution said, rejecting Penei Sewell. “I will make the most of it. I will come with everything I have.”

What everyone seemed to miss from the factory were the confrontations during the position exercises 40 40 identical yard lines at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I do not know how I ran today,” said Turkey Tech defender Ayatlin Askyu. “Nobody told me anything.”

“I do not have a number, I apologize,” said Northwest midfielder Paddy Fischer. “After completing our position exercises, I tried to find a few, but all the scouts left.”

Arkansas Corner Jer Jacobs swears he ran 4.38.

“Although everyone got a different time,” he said. “Some scouts got 4.4. Some scouts had me 4.5. “But frankly, I know my speed. I know what I can do.”

Although, NFL teams.

Even in the weight room there was some uncertainty.

“I wish someone would count me out,” Auburn midfielder KJ Britt told the 24 225 press after 24 reps.

Cole Van Lanen, who was on the O-plane in Wisconsin, was not against the cancellation of the combine. “I got an extra two weeks of training,” nor was he worried about the Badgers’ day limits.

“I would like to be here with my family, my agents, the people who support me, to feel it with them,” Van Lanen said.

“But you have to make the most of it. It’s just like a game. You do not realize the crowd there. You are going to perform there. You block everything և you do it և it was kind of like that too. ”


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