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Prince William Defends Britain’s Royal Family Against Racism

LONDON (AP) – Prince William on Thursday defended the British monarchy against accusations of betrayal by his brother, Prince Harry’s sister Megan, claiming the family was not racist.

In a comment made during a visit to East London School, William became the first prince to address a bomb blast in the United States on Sunday, which Harry և Megan gave to Oprah Winfrey.

“We are not a very racist family,” he said as his wife, Kate, walked beside him.

Allegations of Harry’s “Megan’s racism” were shocked by the royal family, and Buckingham Palace tried to respond with a 61-word statement on Tuesday, but it failed to calm the controversy.

William, in the second row of the throne after his father, Prince Charles, says that after the interview he had not yet spoken to Harry. “But I will speak.”

Megan, who is bisexual, said in an interview that she was so hidden, miserable, as a working member of the royal family, that she had suicidal thoughts. She said Harry said there was “concern” there was talk from a member of the royal family about her baby’s skin color when she was pregnant with their son Archie.

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William and Kate toured School21 in Stratford, east London, as the children returned to class. The visit was also intended to promote the Kate Mental Health Program, which launched in elementary schools in 2018.


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