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Prices for materials used by US businesses have risen sharply since 1974

Inflation is already booming for many US manufacturers and service providers.

On Friday, the Labor Department’s producer price index radar data showed the sharpest increase in recycled goods since 1974 for so-called intermediate demand. և Plastics used to make other end-products such as automobiles և Household goods.

Such inflows increased by 4% in March compared to the same month last year, up 12.5% ​​from the previous year, which was the highest since 2008. The results show that industries pay from car manufacturers to home builders to consumer goods manufacturers to long-term freight companies. for entries.

Higher prices for these investments can be passed on to consumers and businesses, a development that adds to the inflation saga.

The rise in import prices is partly reflected in rising demand as the economy approaches the epidemic. The latest Federal Reserve Index of the Federal Reserve in Chicago, released on Monday, rose in March amid stronger manufacturing activity.

The survey showed that cost pressures have increased, with 65% pointing to higher prices for materials, followed by 57% to more expensive shipping. Investors և data viewers will have another reading on price pressure on Tuesday, according to the government’s March Consumer Price Index report.


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