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PRESIDENT. Ohtani returned to the mound, Sanchez disguised

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Shohei Ohtani’s quest to regain his reputation as a two-star player gets a big test when he takes the hill against the Los Angeles Angels against the White Sox.

With his right hand, Ohtan had 10 impressive starts from the mound as a newcomer in 2018 before undergoing Tommy John’s right elbow surgery. Apart from two ineffective matches last season, he has not been on the hill.

The angels still feel that the Japanese star can contribute to the mound even after an inappropriate performance in the spring training.

The good news was that Ohtan hit 17 times in 10 1/3 of his newcomers. The bad thing was that he gave up 14 runs, walked 10 and got 12.19 ERA. But he gets a clean sheet starting Sunday against the White Sox.


If the first two games are a testament to that, Yankee striker Gary Sanchez is looking forward to a return season.

Twice the All-Star made two home appearances in its first two games, becoming the second New York City star to do so in 1963 with Elston Howard.

The 28-year-old reached the highest level of his career at 34 in 2019, but fought hard in 2020.

All star drop

MLB և The Atlanta Braves are facing the consequences of the league decision – the All-Star game on July 13 from the Truist Park in Atlanta. The move comes amid Georgia’s new, controversial voting law.

Some of the whole baseball fans welcomed the move, while others were upset. MLB has not made a decision on a new host city.

Earlier, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp promised to defend the measure.

“I want to be clear. I will not back down from this fight. “They will not frighten us, they will not silence us,” Kemp said.

“Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola and Delta may be afraid of Stacey Abrams and Biden of the left, but I’m not afraid,” he said, referring to companies that have criticized the new law.


Sundays around the big leagues are usually very busy, but this Easter season will not be so many games.

The Mets-Nationals three-game series has already been postponed due to COVID-19 issues with Nationals. There are also built-in weekends that distribute games to other teams during the first few weeks of the season.

The San Francisco-Seattle և Miami-Tampa Bays will also have a Sunday break, meaning there are only 12 games on the schedule.


Pittsburgh rising star Kebrayan Hayes left Saturday’s game against the Chicago Cubs with left wrist anxiety.

Hayes walked in and scored on Kevin Newman’s first two singles in his first performance, but he sank his left hand in an attempt to take the lead. Eric Gonzalez fought for Hayes for the third time and remained in third place.

The 24-year-old Hayes is the favorite of the newcomer to the NL of the year after a short 2020 stellar debut. He won 0.376 in 24 games, scoring five home runs with 11 RBIs. On Thursday, he opened the two-run home to the Kyle Hendrix of Chicago.


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