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President of Germany. Buchenwald is a reminder of Nazi “barbarism.”

Weymar, Germany (AP) – The German president on Sunday marked the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp, reminding his countrymen of the incredible atrocities committed by the Nazis there during the Third Reich.

“Communists and Democrats, homosexuals, so-called associates were imprisoned in Buchenwald. “Jews, Sinti, Roma were brought here and killed,” said President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a speech in the nearby German city of Weimar, 76 days after the liberation of the US military base.

“Buchenwald, with its diversity of victim groups, represents all the Nazi barbarism, its aggressive nationalism on the outside, its dictatorship on the inside, its racist mentality,” Steinmeier said. “Buchenwald acts as racial fanaticism, torture, murder and extermination.”

Holocaust survivors and their families were not allowed to attend their birthday celebrations this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. Instead, survivors from around the world attended the Sunday memorial service online. Large-scale commemorations of last year’s 75th anniversary were stopped due to social distance demands.

The Buchenwald Concentration Camp was founded in 1937. Of the 280,000 prisoners held in Buchenwald ÷á’s satellite camps, more than 56,000 were killed by the Nazis or died of starvation, disease or medical malpractice before the camp was liberated in 1945. On April 11.

“It was a dictatorship, a Nazi leadership, responsible for the most heinous crimes, the genocide,” Steinmeier said. “But it was the Germans who did it with other people.”


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