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Pitcher of Angels Battery unexpectedly left baseball

ANAHEM, California. (AP) – Los Angeles Angels caller Thai Butter has left baseball, saying he lost his love game with the game.

The 28-year-old posted on social networks on Saturday. “I just wanted to prove everyone wrong.” “With time, baseball became more of a business, less of a game. I could not help but notice that my love and passion for this game began to wane. I always thought baseball was a great job. I knew that the same work was very well paid. What young man does not want a well-paid cool job?

For the past three seasons, right-handedness has been one of the most important parts of the Angels’ bullfight, but he struggled with management issues during spring training and was selected as the team’s alternative stadium.

2018-20-20 His 115 games were the fourth in the team jar, he was 8-11 years old with a 4.30 ERA.

Butri said he informed the angels of his decision to leave baseball, and the organization asked him to spend more time thinking about it. He did not state his next steps in his statement.

Angels manager Maddon said ahead of Friday’s game against the White Sox in Chicago that he had been in a relationship with Batri since last weekend. He said the team would welcome him if he decided to return to baseball.

“There are many times when you get that age, you wonder about different things, you choose different routes. “Maybe something more important to him right now,” Maddon said. “It’s one of those things that depends on the individual. I respect that. I respect him. “


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