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# Pharmacy 24 to promote the work of pharmacy groups in the epidemic. BreakingNationalNews Main Website:

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The annual Social Media event, which celebrates the work of pharmacy, this year will focus on the introduction of the industry during the COVID-19 epidemic, promoting the diversity of the industry.

Designed for Wednesday, April 7, 2021, #Pharmacy24 aims to leverage the impact of social media access ցույց to show the hard work that pharmacy teams do to keep the public safe during an epidemic. Within 24 hours, pharmacists, pharmacists’ technicians and other pharmacy staff are invited to promote the pharmacy by sharing their work success on all social media platforms with a hashtag. # Pharmacy 24:,

In the last 12 months, the pharmacy has become one of the challenges of the global epidemic and continues to provide great care. The organizers of #Pharmacy 24 encourage pharmacies to share their stories և they say. “This can include examples of the care you provide, how the epidemic has changed your practice, how you care for patients, and examples of our input. COVID-19 vaccination program. “

The theme of this year’s #Pharmacy 24 is the pharmacy in the epidemic ությունը the diversity within the profession, in particular:

  • The variety of pharmacy investments in the COVID-19 epidemic response.
  • Variety of pharmacy workforce;
  • The variety of roles in the field of pharmacies. և:
  • A variety of pharmacies serve the population.

Additional information about #Pharmacy 24


To help this year’s #Pharmacy 24 reach the greatest reach ever, organizers are asking everyone to work together to catch up with this social media event.

They only ask that as many people as possible contribute to the work of their pharmacy team that day. You can prepare lines, images or videos in advance, but what you can manage is this day to show everyone the value of what you do every day.

BreakingNationalNews supports #Pharmacy24 event և will provide sample messages to LPCs և pharmacy teams before the day.

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