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Pete Twyman. Refusing was right to prepare for the call

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PIT TS BURG (AP) – Ayle Tayman could not hold back tears. They fell several times last September as a former Pittsburgh defender watched the Panthers go without him as he dropped out of the 2020 season in preparation for this year’s NFL spring.

“I definitely missed them,” Touman said after attending Pete Pro Day on Wednesday.

Just do not confuse leaving your teammates with regretting your decision.

“I was just trying to help my mom and my little brothers financially,” said Tayman, who signed with an agent last August after spending most of the past seven months in Florida, away from home in Washington. “It simply came to our notice then. My team was very grateful to me. They thought I was not selfish at all. So it’s in God’s hands now. ”

And 6-foot 1, 301-pound Twyman big hands too. Hands that he did 40 reps for 225 pounds, 5 more than idol educator Aaron Donald did for the Scouts until the 2014 draft, then immediately bent down to remind those present that he did it cold.

“I just wanted to show that all the work I have done, the pain I have accumulated, you know,” Twima said at the 2019 Atlantic Conference Elections. “But I was just trying to put my best foot forward. When I stood on the bench, I was just reminding everyone that I was not warming up. I just got up there, made arms, got up there. I did not gain any weight or anything. “

It was a momentous moment of general unequal performance. Twyman weighed 10 pounds heavier than the list was marked by his second red shirt during the second season, when he collected 10 1/2 bags after entering the starting lineup after a Keyshon Camp injury during summer training. His 40-yard speed (5.51 և 5.39) was slow at best, although his 32.5-inch vertical jump hinted at a sport that would give him an electric presence in 2019.

Were there times last fall when Twyman wondered what would be the mess of defensive ends Patrick Ones և Rashad Weaver, both of whom are likely to be named at the beginning of the project? Of course.

“The bags would just fall into my lap, so I would not have to work as hard as I did last year,” said Touman.

Despite the refusal, he left Twiman a little mysterious. His 2019 awakened the echoes of Donald, who in 2011-13. Pete was one of the nation’s most dominant defensive players during his award-winning run. But Donald’s run took place over several seasons. Twyman’s goal is to prove what he did as a sophomore is not one-time.

His Florida Saturday he spent a lot of time with what he called a “one percent” կողմ he’s established a strong bond with Donald, one of three men in NFL history to have won the League of the Year three times.

“From the moment I looked at him from the age of 14, I tried to imitate everything he did, the way he tied his shoes and everything,” Taiman said. “It definitely worked.”

Twyman remains an intriguing target. He estimated that he had spoken to two dozen NFL teams, and that he thought he could play both inside and outside the defensive line, although he was almost certainly projected as a stronghold.

Twyman points out that he is preparing to “whisper the bag” to former NFL defense players Chuck Smith և longtime defensive guru Pete Enmins as proof of his growth. Yes, it was difficult not to play last fall, as the Panthers went 6-5 without him. He is still convinced that the move was reasonable.

For many hours, Donald, in the Hall of Fam’s Randley Hall, and the long defensive end of Geno Atkins, among others, were prepared in front of him.

“All these guys are my height, most of them are 97,” said Tayman, who wore the number to Pete. “I have studied these guys a lot, I have tried to imitate their game in general.”


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