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Pete Carroll denies Russell Wilson’s commercial rumors. “We expect him to be fine here.”

From their first public commentary before Russell Wilson’s spring of resentment on Wednesday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll և General Manager John on Schneider basically transformed one of the most popular lines from the Animal House movie. There is nothing to see here, everything is fine

“There really was no problem,” Carroll said in the weeks leading up to the news of Wilson’s future, which began in earnest when Wilson said in February that he was as frustrated with the blow as he had been in his career.

The rumors eventually led to a report that during North Pro Dakota Pro Day in March, Schneider had trading discussions with the Chicago Bears over Wilson before Carroll suspended the deal. Ian Rapoport from the NFL network – the official media of the league – said that Chicago’s proposal includes “multiple first round elections”.

Schneider, however, said that although teams were calling for Wilson, there had never been any real action.

“A number of teams were calling after the media blitz,” Schneider told the team’s annual press conference to discuss the upcoming NFL draft. “But no. I have never actively negotiated with anyone, with any team. Did people call now? Absolutely: And I’m not going to join certain teams, but there were no active negotiations yet. “

At the same time, Carroll said she had been in contact with Wilson throughout the off-season, mainly summarizing the news mainly as a media creation, and said she had spoken to Wilson to understand how to interpret or misunderstand his words.

“I wish we could avoid that,” Carroll said of Wilson’s comments.

But Carroll said she knew the “truth” of the situation all along. Wilson is not going anywhere.

“It (the media LM speculation) was just so pointless because it had nothing to do with what was happening,” Carroll said, commenting on her first comments since Jan. 11, Seattle 2020. Two days after the end of the season, loss to the Aries (Schneider has not spoken since the 2020 draft).

Carol was asked why she had not spoken earlier to say that there was nothing in Wilson’s conversation, to which she replied that she did not feel the need because she did not think there was any content in the report.

Among those reports was one of ESPN’s Adam Schaefer, who told Wilson’s agent Mark Rogers to the Seahawks that Wilson would give up his trading post to go to the Raiders, Bears, Cowboys or Saints.

“The wisdom is that he did not go shopping,” said Carroll. “She is on our list. He has been here for a long time (his contract expires in the 2023 season); everything that could ever happen was so far away that it could ever happen, not even worth considering.

Carroll also denied the idea that Wilson was asking for more say in the team decisions, a theme that came from Wilson commenting on the Dan Patrick show in February that “I want to get involved.” At the end of the day, this is your legacy, the legacy of your team. … It helps to get more involved. That dialogue should happen more often. “

Carroll, however, said she always turned to Wilson and other players for advice.

“I talk to the boys all the time, I want to get information,” Carroll said. “I do not try to think that I am standing here, as if I have all the answers. I want to get all the input to make the decisions I make … He sometimes has his opinions: I do it well, just like I did with the other players here before. It is no different. But he never made a statement that he should do it, he should have said more, it never happened. None of that happened. “

Carol said she had no problem with Wilson, saying she was disappointed.

“He was asked questions, and he said he was disappointed,” Carroll said. “It simply came to our notice then. We did not win the last game of the year, especially when we were at home, in position, in the playoffs: we had a chance. We felt we had a really good opportunity, և health’s in our favor. It was difficult. So I think that’s a good enough response to be disappointed. “

Schneider said. “Pete Carroll և Russell Wilson are two of the most passionate, competitive people I know. And you know, passionate people just say passionate things, “I think it kind of came out.”

What about Wilson’s future with the Seahawks?

Carroll, who signed a new contract last season, which keeps him with the team until 2025.

“Russ has been our defender for a long time,” Carroll said. “And we have a long contract with him. And when all the talk was about trades, I knew what the truth was. We did not go with Russell. We plan for him to have a good, good time here. – I do not know how many years it is now, but we are in great shape, we have a long future ahead of us. Russ knows that, I know that. We were very clear about that. That’s why it was really obvious that we just had to sit down, let the media go on a topic related to their progress, and we did. And so we are in good shape, both of them are very clear on that. “

Carroll also said she did not think Wilson, who would turn 33 in November, would have to take any extraordinary action with his team-mates to fix any fence, which some thought of as a special offensive line, given Wilson’s comment that “we “I have to get better ahead.”

“All we have to do is go back to work, look each other in the eye, be straight up, be accountable to each other, do what is necessary for that work,” Carroll said. “: Nothing has changed, նա right now he is as tangled as ever!” He is in progress (to learn the new insult of the team). He is completely behind it. He does a great job. His mindset is strong, և the agreement is right. He does a great job. And so things are said, things are said. And sometimes we have to deal with և so we take care of our business. We are in a fantastic place now, we are really excited about this team, this season. ”


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