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People over the age of 16 in Washington will be eligible for COVID vaccines until May 1. this is how we get there

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The eager wait for the COVID-19 vaccine will end on May 1 for all adult Washingtonians, when all 16-year-olds can queue up for a shot, government officials confirmed on Wednesday.

The State Department of Health (DOH) has accelerated its gradual approach to vaccine eligibility since President Joseph Biden instructed states earlier this month to make the vaccine available to all adults in the United States on May 1.

The state’s vaccine priority guidelines, which have given vaccines to health care workers, long-term care residents, people over 65: older և others, did not specify whether Washington would comply.

But now those who have been waiting can schedule appointments a little over a month in advance.

“We will follow the President’s order that all persons over the age of 16 have the right to be vaccinated on May 16,” DOH spokeswoman Shelby Anderson confirmed in an email.

There are now 3 million people in Washington eligible for the vaccine, and another 2 million will be cleared on Wednesday as the state increases the number of phases three to four, which includes people over the age of 60. Further expansion to comply with Biden’s directive by May 1, according to state estimates, will add 1.2 million Washington residents to the pool.

Each supplement brings joy, disappointment, and anger to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine stages. Joy for the voters. Frustration for people who try to secure sometimes difficult encounters. Ger burn for those outside.

Having a vaccine option does not mean that those feelings of pre-emption will disappear. Instead, those feelings could change.

The huge expansion simplifies the process because everyone knows where they stand. But because supply will not meet demand, it will be more difficult to find a vaccine prescription, says Dr. Chris Spitters, Snohomish Health District Health Officer.

“Frankly, it’s harder for those who are eligible, because when you become eligible, it’s an uplifting thing, there’s hope,” he told a weekly health briefing at the district health center on Tuesday. “But your chances of getting a baton in the next week are not as high as the chances of getting vaccinated sometime in the next two months.”

The federal government’s three-week forecast for vaccines is expected to remain relatively stable, with 408,730 doses delivered here by March 28, 343,700 on April 4, and 368,270 on April 11.

The new stairs, which will open on March 31, in addition to people over 60 ներառում, include:

  • People 16 բարձր older with at least two co-morbidities or underlying conditions.
  • People who live, work or volunteer in community facilities, such as correctional facilities, group homes for people with disabilities, places where homeless people live or receive services.
  • Employees for multiple risk groups in public places, including construction, manufacturing, catering and restaurants.

The new additions are expected to bring more than 430,000 King County residents to Wednesday, bringing the total number of eligible voters in the county to 1.2 million.

As of March 22, 574,000 people in King County had at least one shot from two shots fired by either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, leaving about 626,000 people awaiting vaccination cuts.

Through its mass immunization sites in Auburn, Kent, King County has the ability to report doses three times a dose, said Kate Cole, public health spokeswoman for Seattle-King County.

“This capacity building will take place in the many environments where vaccines are already being implemented, including health systems, community health centers, pharmacies, community vaccination sites, and mobile teams,” he wrote.

In Seattle, the city plans to end free coronavirus testing at facilities in West Seattle և Rainier Beach on March 31 as it seeks to increase the distribution of vaccines in those areas. The city said on Wednesday that the two sites alone would allow vaccinations to vaccinate 1,500 people a day, up from 1,000 today.

Seattle firefighter Bill Dennis gave a coronavirus vaccine to Kirsten Evangelista at the Seattle City Vaccine Center in West Seattle on Wednesday. Community members who are currently in the state of Washington state for vaccinations or are eligible for March 31 can make appointments by registering at www.seattle.gov/vaccine. “I can’t wait for the whole world to get theirs,” says Evangelista. “It’s a huge burden on my shoulders.” (Erica Schultz / The Breaking National)

The question now is who can be elected before May 1. DOH officials are not saying what might happen at this time, but that they are re-evaluating future stages, taking into account supply and demand at the same time.

According to the DOH, which announces vaccine priority և allocations, Phase 2 may take place next month, involving “potential workers” who cannot work remotely, և 16 բարձր older people with one disease or underlying condition.

The DOH does not add a new level or stage without working with other parts of government, counties և local health districts.

“Decisions about who is eligible for a phased’s COVID vaccine are made by the county’s DOH leadership based on a number of factors, including a broad federal guideline, community input, and COVID risk information for different groups. own: “COVID data on outbreaks և ANTIQUES, hospitalizations: deaths in Washington, DC,” wrote Michelle Roberts, Acting Assistant Secretary of Health, in an email.

Deciding who is at a new stage or level, who should wait to be vaccinated, always creates communication. The restaurant industry is a good example. When the state said on March 4 that grocery store employees were eligible, restaurant owners and their employees were shouting not to get involved.

The next time Governor Ay Insli announced the expansion on March 18, the restaurant staff was called in on Wednesday.

The construction industry should benefit from this week’s phased expansion as more builders are added.

The standardization of vaccinated people who have had a pre-epidemic in a booming sector does not mean that everything will improve quickly.

Last year was difficult պահ to keep people in the spotlight as the epidemic dragged on.

“I think it will take a while until we get it back to normal,” Daniels said.

Breaking National reporter David Gutmann contributed to this story.


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