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Pelosi promises to work quickly on the core infrastructure package

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday vowed to work with Congress on a “fiscal” package of work and infrastructure, but said she was not sure if the next item on President Biden’s agenda would back Republicans.

With a major legislative victory in the $ 1.9 trillion virus-backed party aid package, Democrats will have a long, tough battle to get the GOP to approve the administration’s plans.

Road և Bridge construction legislation has a long history of mutual support as legislators aim to implement projects in the homeland. But Republicans disagree with Biden’s ability to fund any debt-centric environmental program when the government borrowed heavily to address the economic downturn from the coronavirus epidemic.

“Roads, bridges, water supply systems, and the rest has always been bipartisan, always bipartisan, except when they oppose the Democratic president, as they did under President Obama. We had to narrow the package.” said Pelosi. D-Calif.

“But I hope we will have bipartisanship,” he said.

Pelosi has instructed key Democratic lawmakers to begin working with Republicans on a “large, daring, transformational infrastructure package.”

During his presidential campaign, Biden laid the groundwork for $ 2 trillion in “accelerated” investments to transfer more energy, build half a million charging stations for electric vehicles, support public transit, and rehabilitate roads and bridges. The program emphasizes the need to create trade union jobs and address climate change.

The White House originally planned to present a program in February, but recently it has not adhered to the schedule. There will likely be a comprehensive expansion in April as the administration launches a nationwide push to sell the benefits of the COVID-19 bailout bill to Americans in the coming weeks.

Senator Tom Carper, D-Del., Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment հանձնաժողով Public Affairs նախագահ Peter Defazio, Chairman of the House Դ Transportation և Infrastructure Committee, hopes to pass a bill from their committee in May. ,

The package could include policy changes to green energy և immigration, or even try to make new COVID-19 assistance, such as child tax credits, permanent.

“It will be green, it will be big,” Defazio told the Associated Press.

Without Republican support, Biden used the swift budget process known as Reconciliation, a strategy that succeeded despite some modest reservations, to approve Biden’s COVID-19 aid program.

But the passage of infrastructure legislation in the 50-50 Senate, which will be chaired by Vice President Kamala Harris, will likely be more difficult. Moderate DW.Va. Sen. Mancin recently clarified that he would block infrastructure legislation if Republicans were not included.

Republican Sen. John On Barrason, Wyoming Sen. No. 3, said he wanted bipartisan support for infrastructure legislation. But he said that in the last Congress, the House refused to pass the bill worth $ 287 billion, which was unanimously passed by the Senate committee, and changed it so that the Republicans could not pass it.

“What did the House do?” “They replaced our highway bill with a new Green deal,” Barraso said. “So they ignored what we did with a bipartisan horse. If they were to take the model we proposed in the Senate Highway Committee on Transport, I think that would be a very good start. “I talked to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigig about it, and I think that’s the model that we need to move forward with in terms of transport and infrastructure.”

On Sunday, Pelosi declined to say whether a tax increase was needed for House legislation, stressing that Congress would consider all options, including bringing such revenue to the Obama administration’s Build America bonds.

Cost will be a major obstacle to adopting an infrastructure plan. There is considerable political interest in raising the federal tax rate of 18.3 cents per gallon, which brings in revenue for the Highway Trust Fund, although that rate has not risen since 1993. Biden promised during the campaign that he would not raise taxpayers less than $ 400,000 a year.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are talking about water systems. “We are talking about mass transit, we are talking about well-paid jobs across the country,” he said. “It refers to schools, apartments, the rest. “So the goal is to promote good growth, to create well-paying jobs, because we are protecting our planet. We are fiscally sound.”

Pelosi և Barraso spoke on ABC’s “This Week” program.


Associated Press writer osh osh Boak contributed to this report.


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