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Tonight (March 16, 2021), the NHS England և NHS Improvement (NHSE & I) announced an extension to a group of patients eligible for prescription assistance as part of the Epidemic Delivery Service. In addition, at the request of the BreakingNationalNews, increased funding for Basic Service responsibilities has been agreed to reflect the increase in patients currently covered by the service.

Deliveries for self-isolated people

Starting Tuesday 16 March 2021, people who have been notified of the need for self-isolation by the NHS Test and Trace will be able to get support from community pharmacies under the Epidemic Delivery Service. This is part of a package of measures the Government intends to support to effectively self-isolate people և to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This means that all pharmacies (except for distance selling pharmacies) will be required to ensure that people who have been notified of self-isolation by the NHS Test և Trace can receive their prescription drugs and devices within a ten-day period of home delivery. if they are unable to agree to take medication.

This service is only available to people who are in a ten-day * isolation period և who can provide their NHS test և trace account ID when requesting service (people are provided with a unique NHS test և trace account ID that is 8 letters long խառն a mixture of digits when associated with the NHS Test և Trace). The NHS և Trace Account ID number record must be compiled և stored as part of the contractor delivery record.

This service will be launched June 30, 2021 until 23:59,

This change in eligibility criteria does not affect the existing eligibility of clinically extremely vulnerable patients with obstetric care. Support for this group of patients continues until March 31, 2021 at 11 p.m. 59.

Read the NHSE & I announcement և additional guide

NHSE & I Guide to Community Pharmacy Essential Service Element վերաբերյալ Advanced Service Characteristics

Further details on the requirements can be found here

Increase funding for Essential service

The above changes to the requirements of the Requirements will increase the number of people eligible to receive the service և the burden on pharmacy contractors to assist them in delivering their prescriptions.

At the end of last month, the number of patients considered clinically extremely vulnerable by COVID-19 also increased by about 1.6 million as a result of a new risk-based assessment using the QCovid, model, developed using the QCovid® model. Oxford University.

The BreakingNationalNews discussed with the Department of Health and Social Welfare this increase in the number of patients covered by the Epidemic Delivery Service and agreed on the need to increase funding for essential service requirements.

The daily payment increase is based on current agreed financing, which is recalculated to reflect the increase in the number of people under the obligation to support deliveries. Increased funding for the first half of March 2021 is further increased to the second half to reflect the increase in self-isolated patients to the eligible group.

Prescription products during the month Original daily payment (paid in February 2021) Daily fee – Only clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) patients (March 1 to 15, 2021) Daily fee: self-isolated և CEV patients (March 16-31, 2021)
0-100: 0.00 pounds 0.00 pounds 0.00 pounds
101-2500: 21 1.21: 2.07 pounds 24 2.24:
2501-5000 14 14.14: 24.24 pounds 26.26 pounds
5001-12500 ,8 17.86 30.62 pounds 33.17 pounds
12501-19167 19.36 pounds 33.19 pounds , 35.96
19168+: 11 20.11: 34.47 pounds , 37.34

The individual fee for the separate service that may be required when a contractor delivers a prescription to an eligible patient remains unchanged.

* If COVID-19 symptoms develop during the initial 10-day isolation period after receiving a positive initial test (where no symptoms are present) or as a contact, ված advised to continue isolation for a short period beyond the initial 10 days. based on their original issue number.

The maximum period of self-isolation of someone is 20 days, ie it is unlikely that they will develop symptoms on the 10th day of their period of self-isolation. This is based on guidelines for households with or without COVID-19 infection.

Each time someone enters the NHS և Tracking System, they will receive a new unique contact tracking system. Therefore, if someone is identified as a contact, they will receive one through their first contact with Test և Trace, and then if they pass a positive test, they will receive another.

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