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Pakistan launches anti-communicable infection amid growing coronavirus

ISLAMABAD (AP) – Pakistan launched a five-day polio vaccination campaign on Monday, despite another wave of coronavirus outbreaks – the second anti-cancer engine in 2021 – as the country struggles to eradicate the disease of deformed children.

This time, the campaign aims to vaccinate some 40 million children across Pakistan, said Health Minister Saysal Sultan, who oversees the country’s response to the coronavirus.

The sultan said that polio workers would pursue other means of social exclusion from the coronavirus, as well as other precautions. He urged people to cooperate by allowing polio groups to vaccinate their children and asked the authorities to protect polio groups.

Pakistani militants regularly launch attacks on polio groups and their accompanying police, claiming that the anti-hail measure is part of a Western conspiracy to sterilize children or gather intelligence.

The attacks escalated after it emerged that the CIA had used the CIA as a ploy to trick al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was assassinated by US commandos in Pakistan in 2011.

The anti-cancer response began on Monday hours after authorities imposed a partial blockade on several high-risk areas of the country following a jump in positive coronavirus tests. Pakistan has registered more than 659,000 coronavirus cases and 14,256 deaths.

Pakistan և Adjacent Afghanistan are the other two countries in the world where polio is endemic, after Nigeria was declared free of poliovirus last year.


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