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Orjtown at MSG worries Big East first seed Vilanova 72-71

NEW YORK (AP) – Dant Harris threw two free throws in 4.7 seconds to show a perfect play from the orchard line, while the Greeks defeated No. 14 Vilanova 72-71 on Thursday to reach the semifinals of the Big East tournament.

Eighth Seed Hoyas (11-12) will play the winner of St. John ouns-Seton Hall in Madison Square Garden on Friday night. For the first time since 2015, the orchard is in the conference semifinals.

“We took another step – my house, by the way. This is my home, “said New York Knicks star coach Patrick Ewing in a post-match television interview. “It is a great victory. A huge victory. We played Cadillac, Bentley, as you like to call them, the Great East, the Great East class. And once upon a time it was us. “But we took a huge step to knock them out.”

Harris scored 18 points, making a mistake on rem Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, who had 4.7 seconds left in the basket, and the Hoyans dropped by one point.

First, Harris shocked; second, he wanted to turn Ge Orjown 23-23 from the line, the first time the team had hit 100% of at least 20 attempts in the Big East.

In the meantime, Caleb Daniels rushed to court to take a three-meter penalty kick for Vilanova, but missed it badly. The Wildcats (16-6), who played in a high-profile tournament, won three consecutive Big East titles without playing the injured Collin lin Ilespi.

Robinson-Earl led the Wildcats with 26 points and erma Ermine Samuels added 20 points.

Kusub Wahab scored 17 points in the “score orjown”, including the three-point point with 40 points in 70 seconds.

In the second half, Vilanova opened the 11-point lead with a score of 8:50, ready to turn to the sixth game in a row in the semifinals of the Big East.

But the Hoyans went 13-1, gaining a 63-62 advantage with a score of 5:05, when Yahoo Blair left the top 3.

The Wildcats stabilized, rising 70-65, when Cole Sweider and Robinson-Earl left the three in a row at 1:29.

Vilanova could not hold it, և The Hoyans equalized when Vahab broke Svider և made a free throw.

Robinson-Earl made it 71-70 from one of the two lines with 18.2 seconds left, and Ewing called a timeout to create a game and put the ball in Harris’ hands.

Last year’s Big East tournament ended in the middle of the midday semifinals when the epidemic ended the college basketball season.

The day of the quarterfinals is often the best day of the Big East tournament in Garden City. The marathon quadrant keeps the MSG sound from noon to midnight. Not this year.

Following COVID-19 restrictions, the Garden was largely empty for the Wildcats և Hoyas’s old-school Big East meeting. Ewing’s rising voice echoed through the raft. “Return. “Come back.” she shouted after almost every Villanova shot.

Each team in the quarterfinals of Thursday’s Games was given 100 tickets. There may have been dozens in the stands at noon. The syllable “Let’s go Nova” did not last long or found many recipients.


Or orchard. The Hoyans, who have 7-4 points after the COVID-19 break, won the Big East for the first time since 2016 and avoided sweeping Vilanova’s three games.

Vilanova. The Wildcats played their second game without their senior guard և’s best player of the year, Gil Ilespi (knee), first starting with Chris Arcidiacono, whose older brother Ryan led the Wildcats to the national title in 2016.

The freshman contributed three points, five rebounds and four assists. Vilanova was indeed available to goalkeeper Just Astin Moore (left ankle) after coach Ay Wright said earlier that it might take a miracle for the team’s third leading striker to play in the Big East.

Moore started the game on the sidelines riding a stationary bike, but eventually scored 10 points in 27 minutes.


Vilanova is waiting for her NCAA tournament assignment.


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