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Oregon’s throwing out of NCAA Oklahoma in Clingingham

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The state of Oregon has accepted the role of Hikori Husker, the results և all.

Hours before their game against Oklahoma in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, a video was posted on the Beavers basketball Twitter page in which Roman Silva, the center’s Ani Hunt, carried a basket on his shoulders to measure the height of the border.

It recreated a scene from the 1986 movie “Hoosiers” when the coach of the small town of Hickory tried to help his team relax from playing in the massive Butler Fieldhouse. Hikori continued to win that fictional state title. On Sunday, the building known as Hinckle Fieldhouse was the site of a real-life footstep.

Ethan Thompson scored 26 points ի No. 12 Oregon neutralized Oklahoma ահ star freshman Cade Cunningham turned 80-70.

The state of Oregon (19-12) was selected to finish last in the Pac-12, having to win a conference tournament just to enter the NCAA. The Beavers came out on top, then went on to seed the No. 5 seed in Tennessee. They became the third double-seeded to reach this year’s Sweet 16, joining 15-seeded Oral Roberts and 11-year-old Syracuse.

“We have always had that confidence,” Thompson said. “But it kind of took us, we had to go further, we kind of believed in each other, we trusted each other. And as you can see, these victories that we have had have been a great team effort. ”

Maurice Kalou, who moved from Oklahoma, scored 15 points, while Arrod Lucas also had 15 points for the Beavers, who played in the eighth game of Midwest Region Sweet 16 in San Loyola, Chicago, which few could have predicted. On Sunday, Loyola surpassed Illinois seed # 1.

Cunningham, the NBA’s most likely leading team in the NBA, scored 24 points for Oklahoma State (21-9), but fourth-placed Cowboys hit the post, sometimes failing to score.

Cunningham is ready to move to the NBA.

“It was special,” Cunningham said. “I think this is the best way to describe it. I think the biggest thing is that I was surrounded by great people, more than anything I am most proud of. That’s the thing, I feel like I grew up being the best of people who pushed me to be good on the court, off the court. I will definitely miss it. “

Avery Anderson scored 16 points and Ceylan Boone added 13 for Oklahoma in a game that was delayed 20 minutes by a power outage.

Oregon went 26-15 after a premature run of 22-6.

Lucas’ penalty kick rolled in, then went in to give the Beavers a 32-19 advantage. Minutes later, Lucas drove away, made a blunder, scored a goal, boosting Oregon fans. His free throw made the Oregon state score 38-22. In the middle of the game, the Beavers took the lead with a score of 44-30, leading by 18 points.

Oklahoma started to put pressure in the first half with some success, it continued in the second half. Cunningham made two 3-meter throws in the opening minutes, the second of which reduced the score of the state of Oregon 50-42.

The Cowboys were close to two points away from Cunningham’s basket until Oregon responded with an 11-yard touchdown, prompting players to allow their fans to play for about five minutes during an Oklahoma timeout.

The state of Oklahoma held one last rally. Boone scored 3 points, then Cunningham stole the ball, made 3 to reduce the score of the state of Oregon 70-67, and remained 3:39. Beavers pulls in a free kick.

“Just the same thing that took us through these few games,” said Thompson. “Just relying on each other, believing in ourselves. We believe we can do great things. ”


People inside the Hinckle Fieldhouse listened to the pop as the building lost most of its power, turning off the lights and the scoreboard, as well as the post-game “Growth” press conference for the teams after the Texas Tech-Arkansas game.

A spokesman for Butler University said the car crashed into a pole as a result of an art-university accident, leading to an interruption. Electricity switched from the main source to the backup reserve, again converted to the main, causing the lights to flash.

There were no fans in the arena during the break. Teams warmed up in the practice gym while fitness teams checked systems. The lights and electricity came back quickly. Tournament officials gathered on the pitch as team members և several players returned to the floor for the final game of the day. After that, everything went on as usual.

Within domination

Oregon beat Oklahoma 52-32, blocking 11 hits. Silva, who was 7 meters in the center, had 12 rebounds and four blocks. 6-10 years old forward Dearon Tucker had four blocks. 6-7 striker Warit Alatishe also had 12 rebounds.


Oregon made 32 of 35 free throws out of 29 in Oklahoma. Two Oklahoma players, Bryce Williams and Matthew-Alexander Monkimerfe, broke the score. Oregon committed 24 offenses, while Oklahoma committed 26 free throws.


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