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Oregon. The CDC is investigating the woman’s death after the J&J vaccine

PORTLAND, Day. (AP) – Oregon health officials said Thursday that federal officials are investigating the death of a woman over the age of 50 who caused a rare blood clot և low platelet count within two weeks of receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

According to the agency, the Oregon health authority learned about the investigation on Tuesday, two days after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched an investigation. The woman, whose name has not been released, received the dose before the CDC discontinued the vaccine due to fears that it could cause a dangerous blood clot.

The woman developed “a rare but serious blood clot with very low platelets,” the OHA said in a statement.

Dr. Shimi Sharif, a senior health adviser in the state, said the woman’s symptoms coincided with other cases: severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath.

Health officials declined to give further details, including the date the woman received the vaccine or where she lived in Oregon, citing the patient’s confidentiality. The woman was hospitalized before she died and received the vaccine in early April, Sharif said.

The agency notes that until the investigation is completed, which health officials say will take a week or more, it is not certain that his death was linked to the vaccine.

More about the COVID-19 epidemic

Federal’s government agencies stopped distributing J&J vaccines on April 13 due to concerns about blood tissue.

“For most people who have received the (J&J) vaccine, we are nearing the end of that time when they need to control their symptoms,” Sharif said. The CDC has warned that if people develop symptoms within three weeks of receiving the vaccine, they should contact their healthcare provider.

Federal officials are already examining six reports of unusual blood clots, including deaths, from more than 8 million Americans who have been vaccinated.

The CDC told Texas health officials on Thursday that a woman in the state had been hospitalized with possible blood transfusions in connection with J&J vaccine recipients.

The Government Vaccine Advisory Committee is expected to meet on Friday to discuss whether to resume use of the J&J vaccine soon.

Sharif said Oregon resuming distribution of J&J vaccines would be a “reflection” of the commission’s decision.

“We have every confidence that this will be a thorough investigation into the potential benefits and risks associated with each other as we move through this epidemic,” the sheriff said.


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