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Opposing Biden, the GOP is raising $ 568B for infrastructure

WASHINGTON (AP) – A Republican Senate group released a public works proposal on Thursday at much lower prices, with a narrower infrastructure definition than President Biden had suggested, highlighting tensions between the two sides that will be difficult to bridge in the coming years. months.

The Republicans’ bid was $ 568 billion over five years, while Biden demanded $ 2.3 trillion over eight years.

To help pay for their program, Republicans relied on user fees, including electric vehicles, and unspent federal dollars for redirects. The outline does not offer features such as which projects will be funded. Biden proposed raising the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28% to help pay for his program, which Republican senators rejected.

Republican lawmakers were quick to criticize Biden’s offer of infrastructure. They say only a fraction of the cost will go to traditional infrastructure. Biden plans to provide $ 400 billion to caregivers to expand Medicaid support,: substantially fund electric vehicle charging stations, և address racial injustice on highways built in dilapidated areas of North America.

The Republican plan would spend $ 299 billion on roads, bridges, $ 65 billion on broadband, and $ 61 billion on transit. The plan lacks Biden’s attention to the support of electric vehicle charging stations and caretakers.

Earlier this year, Republicans also offered to oppose Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid program. Their price was set at about a third of what the president wanted, and he soon declared it inadequate. Democrats went ahead and passed the aid bill without the support of any GOP lawmaker.

Biden spends more time listening to Republicans on this tour, expressing willingness to consider their ideas, but the end result may be the same. Democrats plan to boost infrastructure this year և can use the budget reconciliation process to bypass the GOP opposition.


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