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Opportunities from epidemic tragedies

“When people focus on what seems right in their life (for example, a car has a tire but it is not common), it can lead to things that are presented as opportunities,” he said.

This is not the same as positive thinking. Instead, said Rick Hanson, a clinical psychologist, “Resistant. The author of the book “How to grow unbroken calm, strength և happiness” is to see changes in life բաց openings of transformation, even in difficult circumstances. Mr. Hanson said that while we often think of opportunities as things that exist outside of us, such as moving to a new job or moving to another city, there are also opportunities for growth or change within us.

For example, Just Astin E.H. Smith, a philosopher and historian and professor at the University of Paris, has made some subtle but significant changes over the past year. Mr. Smith describes himself as an introvert with a tendency to lead a tough life, doing the same things every day. The epidemic forced him to reorganize his daily life, to ease the rigidity.

“I am now aware of the state of emergency of these new regimes,” he said. “My power to rearrange them if they do not fit.” Mr. Smith, 48, also admitted that he used to feel too old to try something new. But the epidemic allowed the professor to start again. “It was no longer a shame for me to be a beginner.”

So, after some research, he started an online brokerage account. He took a guitar (he now plays every day) and in August decided to start a paid subscription newsletter on the Substack digital publishing platform, where he wrote about the philosophical dimensions of culture, science, politics, and ways to change them. (և distorted) technology.

In the absence of an epidemic, Mr. Smith would probably never have thought about it, but for the first time in his career, he thought about diversifying his income. “I am thinking ahead at an uncertain moment,” he said.


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