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Once reopened in Europe, ICU teams remain with the sick and the dying

Paris (AP) – Swinging the head of a deeply sedative COVID-19 patient like a precious jewel in his hand, Dr. Alexei Tran Dink led his resuscitation nurses through a gentle process of rolling a woman out of her stomach. , leading the team like a dance teacher.

They were transported with extreme care only at the expense of Tran Dinh, as the unconscious patient could die within minutes if they inadvertently tore the breathing tube out of his mouth.

“One, two, three on the side,” the doctor instructed.

His next order quickly followed. “Back!”

“Perfect,” he concluded when the move was made.

The involvement of three nurses և a caregiver in another ward of a Paris hospital’s series of coordinated movements was one of thousands of major medical interventions, large and small, human, mechanical and pharmaceutical, guarded by the 64-year-old. a retired waitress on the verge of death while she struggled to cure her lungs.

And he was just one of nearly 6,000 critically ill patients still in intensive care units in France this week as the country embarked on a dangerous process of cautiously easing its latest blockade of some of the frontline workers in hospitals too early.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to reopen elementary schools on Monday allowed people to move around more freely in May, although ICU numbers have been steadily higher than ever since the first wave of the disaster, but it means hospitals are no longer preferred. takes place in many European capitals.

In France and Greece, the cursor moves to other economic, social and educational imperatives. Governments are using enhanced vaccines to push for easing of restrictions, although only a quarter of adults in Europe have received the first dose.

Greece has announced the resumption of its tourism industry in mid-May with a record number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care. The Spanish prime minister says the state of emergency, which allows curfews and travel bans, will not be extended until May 9, in part because vaccinations allow for a safe tightening of restrictions. This is despite the fact that more than 2,200 critically ill COVID-19 patients still occupy one-fifth of ICU beds in Spain.

From Monday, in low-risk areas, Italian schools can be reopened full-time for private study, while restaurants and bars can offer sit-in, outdoor services. The Netherlands is ending its night curfew, reopening the open-air terraces of bars and cafes for the first time since mid-October, even as hospitals returned to emergency rooms to add HIV beds for COVID-19 patients.

In France, Prime Minister Jean-Anne Castex said the latest wave of the infection, which raised the death toll from the country’s KOVID-19 death toll to more than 100,000, had begun to slowly recede, allowing all schools to reopen and day travel restrictions to end on May 3. Castex also raised the prospect that from October, shops and open-air cafes and restaurants may reopen in mid-May.

“The peak of the third wave seems to be behind us, the pressure of the epidemic is rising,” Castex said on Thursday.

Nadia Boudra, a critical care nurse at Bichat Hospital in Paris, does not feel that way. His 12-hour shift began on Thursday with an unpleasant job, sealing the body of a 69-year-old man who died overnight in a COVID-19 body bag just hours before his daughter flew out of Canada hoping to see him alive.

“We have our noses in us. “We see what is happening, we see that many people are dying,” he said. For him, the schools reopened in May և, possibly, eating and drinking outdoors’s “too early”. A misleading message that “everything is getting better”.

“It’s clear,” he said.

After sending the man’s body to the hospital morgue, Bowdra accompanied a seriously ill retired waitress, now a lone resident of an improvised ICU set up for COVID-19 patients in the operating room. The tender care, experience և technology that has been shed to keep this one woman alive gives a microscopic look at the potential national efforts – human, medical, financial – that France և other countries continue to spend in ICUs as healthy People are now planning May trips for drinks with friends.

As the woman was unconscious, another 5,980 critically ill patients were also kept alive in other all-inclusive care units in France with human-mechanical devotion. Automatic drops supplied sedatives, painkillers, and drugs to prevent deadly tissue from leaking blood from a woman’s veins. The enriched oxygen, first foaming in water to warm and moisturize, mechanically penetrated his lungs. The ICU team called the woman’s daughter, who called in the morning and at night for news. It was bad on Thursday morning. Tran Dean told his daughter that his mother’s breathing had deteriorated.

“If you had taken the cars, he would have died in a few minutes, maybe less,” said the doctor. “There is no room for error.”

But this patient was not even the most vulnerable. An artificial lung, the last resort for patients with damaged lungs, kept the 53-year-old man alive. The most up-to-date treatment that boosts valuable resources is reserved for patients who have thought hard enough to survive. Dr Philippe Montravers, who heads the ICU surgical department in Bichat, which runs the Paris hospital body, AP-HP, says about 50% still die.

His unit has four ECMO units. All were used for COVID-19 patients. The man has been connected with him for more than a month, but “not everything is improving,” said Montravers.

“This car only takes time,” he said. “It’s vital, nothing more.”

Nurse Leah our urd said that caring for someone so fragile is a physical, mental wear.

“You have to be careful of everything, of all the pipes, not to take anything out when you walk around it,” he said. “It is difficult to see the positive, to say to himself, ‘He will survive.’


Contributed by AP writers Mike Corder in The Hague, Netherlands, Nicole Winfield in Rome, Aritz Paran in Madrid, and Elena Bekatoros in Athens, Greece.


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