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Older Boeing 777s land for inspections after engine blast in Denver

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Sunday ordered the immediate inspection of Boeing 777 aircraft equipped with certain Pratt & Whitney engines, as airlines operating such aircraft in Japan and Japan suspended flights to the United States a day after the dangerous explosion of the engine in the United States. Airline Flight 328 shortly after takeoff from Denver.

United Airlines landed 24 such 777 aircraft, while the Japanese aviation regulator ordered all aircraft equipped with this type of engine to stop flying to Japan in Aponia until further notice.

FAA Administrator Steve Dixon said in a statement that he was instructing his team to “issue an emergency aviation order requiring immediate or enhanced inspections of Boat 777s equipped with certain Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines.”

“It will probably mean that some planes will be taken out of service,” he added.

Dixon said that the experts of his agency. It was concluded that the test range should be increased for the special cavity fan blades of this engine model, which are used exclusively on Boeing 777 aircraft.

He added that “FAA aviation security experts will meet with Pratt & Whitney և Boeing in the evening to find out the details” that describe in detail the inspections that will be required by its emergency order.

United, one of the few US engines to have this type of engine in its fleet, said in a statement that “immediately, as a precaution, we voluntarily և temporarily remove our Pratt & Whitney 4000 4000 series engine from our schedule.”

“During the exchange of aircraft, we expect that customers will receive only a small inconvenience,” said United.

At the same time, the Japan Civil Aviation Authority in Aponia instructed aircraft operators equipped with this type of engine to suspend further flights to Aponia until further notice.

According to the latest data from the register, only the airlines of the three countries are affected by the planes with affected engines – the USA, Japan, Japan and South Korea.


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