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OJ Simpson, Las Vegas Strip Hotel solve the slander case

LAS VEGAS (AP) – OJ Simpson և Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has settled a lawsuit alleging that anonymous employees slandered Simpson by telling a celebrity news site that in November 2017 he was banned from being a drunkard. for:

Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm Lavergne declined to comment Thursday on an agreement reached with Nevada Property 1 LLC, the corporate owner of The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

“The issue is resolved,” LaVergne said.

A Cosmopolitan spokesman declined to comment immediately.

The corporation’s lawyers argued that the former football star could not be slandered because his reputation had already been tarnished by criminal “civil trials” in Los Angeles decades ago in Nevada, where his ex-wife’s boyfriend was killed, sentenced and imprisoned. A case of armed robbery in 2007.

LaVergne raised the specter of racial bias by hotel officials.

The terms were not announced in the Clark County District Court hearing on March 31. It states that both parties have agreed to bear their legal costs and fees.

Simpson, now 73, is on parole in Nevada and lives in the Golf Gate community after being released from prison in July 2017. He served for nine years in armed robbery, kidnapping and assault.

His complaint against the cosmopolitan admitted that Simpson was notified when he and his friends were forbidden to return to the property after spending several hours at the steak house and living room. He said he was never given a chance.

Simpson denied in the lawsuit that he was “militant”, broke the windows or damaged the property.

LaVergne said that at a time when its client’s reputation was being damaged by accounts cited in the TMZ report, Simpson was “drunk and disturbed” at a resort bar.

TMZ was not a respondent in the case.

Simpson was jailed after being convicted in Las Vegas in 2008. Leading five men in October, including two with guns, in a cramped հետ collision room with two collector dealers in a casino-hotel off the field. ,

Simpson has always claimed that he was trying to reclaim the personal memories stolen from him after the acquittal in 1995 of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his friend Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles.

He said that the family photos և other items had disappeared before 1997. He was sued in a civil court in February and paid $ 33.5 million to Brown and Goldman estates.


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