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Not rusty. Oregon beat Iowa 95-80 in Sweet 16

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Chris Duarte scored 23 points and Oregon showed no signs of rusting after a long elimination, beating No. 2 Iowa 95-80 on Monday, finishing Sweet 16 for the fourth time in five NCAA tournaments.

Seventh seed Bader (21-6) found themselves in an unprecedented position, passing the second round of the Western Region without playing a game. That’s why the Virginia Partnership passed multiple COVID-19 tests, leaving Oregon with a nine-day break after losing the Pac-12 title game.

As the ball went up, Oregon’s offense seemed to be fresh off the line, starting with a masterpiece on the first Monday of the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

The ducks were running on the floor, shining on the list, shooting 56%, hitting 11 3-point shots. LJ Figueroa scored five three-pointers, scoring 21 points, and Will Richardson added 19 points in attacking dominance.

Their sweet attacking moves allowed the Hawkeyes (22-9), one game short of Sweet 16 for the fourth time under Fran McCaffrey.

Luca Garza played twice as an all-American, attacking for three-point games, hitting medium-distance flights and falling in a random 3. He led his stellar college career with a 36-point fifty-kick limited crowd allowed at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Wiscamp added 17 points, but the rest of the Hawkeyes did little to help the big fella, sending them ahead of the bracket to Illinois, Ohio մյուս with the other major seeds in Texas.

Oregon moves to Sweet 16 to face either Kansas or Southern Cali.

The Ducks managed to get through a difficult epidemic season full of breaks and injuries, winning the Pac-12 title for the second time in a row in the regular season.

Oregon earned the No. 7 seed in Indianapolis and ran into what was expected to be difficult to unleash against the VCU’s destructive defenses. But Ducks learned during the pre-match that he would move on without playing the game, leaving them with a huge break before facing the No. 2 team in the region.

Nerves? Rust unmoved? No.

Ducks attacked from Richardson’s starting line-up and used the ball to move openly during the first half.

Oregon scored seven 3-pointers, made 22 of 37 shots, and used the 10-0 run 56-46.

The biggest challenge was to stop Iowa’s best player.

Garza had 12 points in the first seven minutes, even Oregon overshadowed the defender in defense and 20 in the half. He shocked the smaller Ducks, who jumped from him, when he hit 8 out of 10 shots, only 3 when he tried.

The Ducks continued to grow out of insult, և in the second half they doubled down on Garza, leading 76-57 but making it out of reach.


Oregon was considered one of the most dangerous medium seeds in parentheses – it definitely showed why it is against Iowa. It will be difficult for the Ducks to miss the rest of the tournament if they continue to play like this.

Iowa had one of the best college basketball players, but at the same time, it was in the 16th row of “Sweet”. Garza will retire at number 55 after the season, but he will not be number 16 on his resume.


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