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Nola runs six runs, Padres embarrassed the Cardinals 13-3

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Austin Nola ran six times at home, doubled and drove, and Tommy Pam and newcomer Kim Ha-Seong also tied Adam Wainwright to the San Diego Padres13. To laugh with a score of 3, St. Saturday night Louis Cardinals.

After ousting San Luis from the playoffs in San Diego last season, Padres defeated Cardinal in the second game in a row.

Padres 4: 1 as star-studded Fernando Tatis Jr.’s right-winger Will Myers has been ruled out of injury with COVID-19.

“You just have to deal with the circumstances, we certainly accepted that as a team,” said Nola, the hunter who was forced to serve in the underground. “We know we have to do our job as a team. “Nothing really changed from the game plan, we really had to stay true to everything we did best, it crushed the bats, it played good defense behind our jars.”

Governor Ayes Tingler said: “With some weird egg, there are some unique things in it. It is not ideal. On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet. We raise other boys too. We have pitchers that offer to play on the field, hit-kick, anything like that. That room just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day. This is especially true when you try to build chemistry and things like that.

“We are a tough team, we will continue to be tough, resilient, we will continue to move forward,” Tingler said.

In the third, Nola hit a three-run home run from Wainwright, in the sixth RBI doubled Tyler Webb, double-hit striker Matt Carpenter, who was called up on the pitch, and in the seventh, two exits.

The carpenter also stopped the silent eighth, allowing a single blow to hit the knife.

Chris Paddak, on the right side of the field, hit well, but came out on the field, came out on the field after throwing 84 pitches in four games. He ran one card for the cardinals, three hits, two hits and one wake-up call. Four warriors of the First Cardinals worked on 29 Paddack pitches. Then the tall Texans needed just 12 pitches to pass the perfect second.

Paddack’s only big mistake was to give one individual gift to Yadier Molina, earning one six in the fourth.

Miguel Diaz (2-0) gave two victories in favor of Paddak for the victory.

Pham, who has struggled this season, hit two races in the deep left field with two results, the first being the first of the year.

Second, second, Kim walked out of one.

In three shots, Nola fired a shot from the opposite field towards the home entrance of the right field, and in the third, his first, not to be left out. He missed the first 39 games after breaking his finger during spring training.

“It was a crazy baseball night,” Paddak said. “As a start, you always enjoy a little running support, especially against Wainwright, who often does not allow six runs in his career. It was good that we jumped on them quickly and were able to win. “

Wainwright (2-4) allowed six runs, eight strokes in four steps, two strokes and three steps.

Nolan Arenano և Harrison Bader was also the homeland of the cardinals. It was Arenado’s eighth և Bader fourth.

ME NE Next.

Cardinals LHP Kwang Hyun Kim (1-0, 2.74) is scheduled to start the series final on Sunday night against Padres rookie LHP Ryan Weathers (2-1, 0.81).


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