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No region in the world has spared the cases of viruses, mortality is increasing

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Turkish և Polish hospitals are filling up. Pakistan restricts domestic travel. The US government will send more aid to the state where the country has the worst increase in infection.

The global increase in coronavirus և deaths includes even Thailand, which is much better able to cope with the epidemic than many countries but is now struggling to control COVID-19.

The only exceptions to the worsening situation are countries with advanced vaccination programs, particularly Israel and Britain. The United States, which is the world leader in vaccines, is also seeing a slight increase in new cases. Եւ The White House announced on Friday that it would send federal aid to Michigan to control the nation’s worst transmission rate in the nation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the rate of infection is rising in every global region due to new versions of the virus in many countries that are coming to an end soon.

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“In six weeks we have seen growth in the world (cases). And now, unfortunately, over the last three weeks we have seen an increase in mortality, “said WHO WHO spokeswoman Dr. Margaret Harris at a briefing at WH.

In its weekly epidemiological updates, the WHO reported that more than 4 million COVID-19 cases had been reported in the past week. The number of new deaths increased by 11% compared to the previous week, more than 71,000 reported.

Rising infections, hospitalization և mortality are spreading to countries where vaccinations are finally gaining momentum. This leaves even more bleak prospects for much of the world, where large-scale vaccination programs remain a more distant prospect.

In Turkey, which has one of the worst hit countries in the world, most new cases of the virus can be traced back to the version first found in Britain.

Ismail Sinel, head of the Turkish Intensive Care Association, says the wave is beginning to strain the country’s relatively advanced healthcare system, with “alarm bells” ringing for resuscitation departments that are not yet complete.

“The mutant egg of the virus does more damage to the organs,” Sinel said. “While 2 out of 10 patients used to die, now their number is 4 out of 10. And if we continue like this, we will lose six. ”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan eased COVID-19 restrictions in early March to minimize the pain of his ailing economy. The new height forced him to announce new restrictions, such as the closure of weekends, the closure of cafes and restaurants during Ramadan, which begins on April 13.

Turkish medical teams say reopening in March is premature and that new drugs are not going far enough. They call for full blockades during the Muslim holy month.

In the US capital, President Biden’s administration outlined how the federal government plans to help Michigan better manage doses already provided to the state, as well as expand testing capabilities and drug availability. The Efforts will not include any additional doses of the vaccine that Governor Gretchen Whitmer was pursuing.

Doses are currently divided by state in proportion to population. Whitmer called for additional doses to be transferred to states like his own, where there is a sharp increase in cases. He urged them to voluntarily stop high school classes for two weeks, youth sports, and indoor dinners, but stopped short of imposing new restrictions.

In Brazil, which has the second highest rate in the world after the United States, Sao Paulo has begun overnight funerals to meet demand, and school vans have been used to transport coffins. Vaccination rates are already slow. Less than 3% of Brazil’s 210 million people have received both doses of the vaccine, according to the Our World in Data research site, with some governors expressing concern about the supply of the vaccine.

The death toll in Iran is also rising, leading to new restrictions that will take effect for 10 days in 257 cities from Saturday. They include the closure of all parks, restaurants, confectioneries, beauty salons, shopping malls and bookstores.

Authorities in Pakistan, which is in the third wave of infections, have been restricting public transportation over the weekend since midnight on Friday.

Elsewhere in Asia, Thai authorities imposed new restrictions on Friday in a bid to prevent the outbreak of a growing coronavirus in the days leading up to the country’s traditional Songkran Christmas holiday, when millions of people travel.

In Germany, Poland այլ Vaccination programs in other ունեցող 27-member EU countries are finally growing after a slow start, which has been blamed for a lack of births.

Thousands of German medical practitioners joined the vaccination campaign this week, helping the country reach the daily record for doses given. So far, 14.7% of the population has received at least one dose, և 5.8% have received two shots.

Still, German health officials warn of a sharp increase in intensive care patients and call for stronger action to curb infections.

There has also been a sharp rise in mortality in neighboring Poland, with hospitals having to give up cancer and other patients as the ICU and other hospital beds take COVID-19 patients. Over the past two weeks, hospitalizations for viral patients have risen by 20%.

Harris, from the WHO, said that the world knows how to fight these waves. He cited the good news from the UK, where new cases of coronavirus had dropped by 60% in March amid a strong vaccination program, “but we have to do everything.”

“We must continue to maintain our social distance. “We must avoid closed crowded settings,” he said. “We must continue to wear masks, even if we are vaccinated.”


Associated Press writers from around the world contributed to this report.


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