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No one is perfect. Gonsaga’s men lose to Baylor’s national title, ending season 31-1

INDIANAPOLIS – Heck, everyone has the right to a night of rest. But that blow Baylor defeated Gonsaga with whites, noting the national title. Nobody saw it.

The Possible-New-Bears shocked Gonzaga’s journey to perfection on Monday night in an 86-70 escape that brought the first national title of this once-offended program to Waco, Texas.

Ared Ared Butler had 22 points and the MaCio Teague had 19 for the Bears (28-2), who finished second or third in the AP standings throughout the year, but never the first, all because of one team.

Hitting the offensive cup, breaking it and winning the lion’s share of 50-50 balls, Baylor never let this one go down to the miracle of Alain Allen Sugs. The Gonzaga freshman buzzing beats near the half-time icon of the ax came out in a final game that was their first real test of the season.

They went against UCLA. Not even close against Baylor.

The Bears never let Gonzaga get close to 9 after a quick run for a 19-point lead.

Guard Devon Mitchell, nicknamed “Off Night” because so many rivals clash with someone when it comes to fighting him, finished with 15 points and did his best on Swag. The freshman finished with 22 points. Most of them, after reaching the level of despair of the Zags, և will probably go to the NBA lottery next.
The first defeat in 32 games of Gonzaga this season, 36 in 2019-20, leaves Indiana 1975-76. The team as the last undefeated. If Scott May, Queen Bookner և coach Bob Knight’s students kept the champagne cold to celebrate. A. The perfect version of the 72-year-old Miami Dolphins, they could take it off the field.

Or rather.

Baylor went 9-0 up 2/2 minutes later, the Bulldogs had only the fourth double-digit deficit of the season, 11-1. They met their biggest deficit of the season – 15 points, 7:10. At the time, Suges had two fouls and was watching from the bench.

He tried hard to fire his teammates or Zags fans, who were making as much noise as the cardboard cuts scattered around Lucas Oil Stadium to make it look full.

“Let’s go!” At the beginning of the second half, Suges shouted after receiving a serious foul. He missed the free throw.

But most of all, in the title game, two nights ago, it was Suges’ memorable basket that laid the groundwork for this one. His bank shot to the buzz is one of the most tempting college basketball games ever. Returning to the floor about 46 hours after that emotional roll, it was clear that the crows had been de-gassed.

The sequence, which best covered the energy gap, took place six minutes after the match, when Jon Onathan Tchmava chat atchua hit the ball from Drew Tim’s hands և The bears worked the ball in front of Mitchell. He missed the line-up, but Tchamva chat atchua got the attacking back և Adam Flagler was fed up with 3.
Gonzaga was practically just standing there for all that.

This was one of the most awaited finals in recent history. The meeting of the two best teams of the last two seasons. This is և 2020, when COVID-19 canceled the tournament before the tournament time. They were scheduled to meet this season in Indy on December 5, but the COVID-19 outbreak on the Gonzaga team put an end to those plans.

But the game did not match the advertisement, it soon got out of hand.

In the first half, Baylor had nine offensive shots, which resulted in nine second chances, defending the defense. Gonzaga hit 54% from the floor in the first 20 minutes, but Baylor had 16 more attempts – the kind of math that does not add up for a team playing in a title game.

There was a glimmer of hope for the Sags when Tchamwa Tchatchoua joined another Baylor man, Flo Tamba, on the bench, making four fouls with a score of 14:43.
Andrew Nembhard’s next basket reduced Gonsaga’s deficit below double digits for the first time since its inception. Baylor responded with a 9-2 score, which Mark Vital rejected Corey Kispert, followed by a quick break that resulted in Flegler’s easy three.

Everything was over from there. Yes, Gonzaga could be the most watched team of the year with his perfect performance, perfectly, saying nothing of the tournament blow.

But Baylor was cutting the nets.

It is the culmination of 18 years of reconstruction that no other project has ever seen.

Coach Scott Drew enrolled with only seven scholarship players on a team that was watching the NCAA trial during the 2003 assassination of teammate Patrick Denney. The Bears won just 21 games in Drew’s first three years.

It took a lot of imagination, more than a little faith, to believe that such a day could happen.

It took the same thing to hang a bulldozer on a loss.

But that kind of loss. Only Baylor could see that one coming.


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