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No call. Baylor women mistakenly called the NCAA after losing to UConn

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – DiJonna Carrington first hit his elbow and then his face before Baylor fell to the ground for a second to advance to the River Walk final against top-ranked UConn.

Carrington’s shot went well immediately after contact with the two defenders. But she did not get a chance to cross the free-throw line as she made no mistake against Husky, who won the women’s 69-67 NCAA Round 13 for the 13th time in a row.

“I personally do not see it as a controversial call,” Carrington said when asked not to call. “I saw the repetition, a girl gave me a full face and a girl gave me a kiss. So you can do nothing else at that moment. “

UConn (28-1) added a free kick to the final second after a foul by Baylor (28-3), the No. 2 champion of the last NCAA Tournament held two years ago.

After that, Lady Bears coach Kim Malki said that she still has footage from two different angles, videos that show numerous violations against Carrington, who was defended by Alia Edwards, and Olivia Nelson-Ododa.

Even NBA superstar LeBron James Ames agreed with Carrington and Malki.

“Kla man !!! That was EXACTLY !! “, Wrote James Ames in tweets, following another post about what a great game it is.

Carrington also took to Twitter to express his disappointment. A post in which it is written: “You can’t swallow the whistle while the game goes on.” He added a smirk to the woman’s emo.

After Carrington made two free throws with 19 seconds left to reach Baylor 68-67, Christine Williams missed two free throws for UConn before Lady Bears called a timeout. They confirmed the last game in two ways. The first was all-American striker NaLisa Smith, and then Carrington, who finished with 22 points.

Carrington said. “Nothing, we really could not do, especially for that situation. But, you know, flip the page. ”

When Malki was asked not to call, the “journalist then” said that he was surprised that there was nothing wrong, the coach answered. “So write it like that. I do not need a quote. “

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said everyone should live by calling or not calling officials.

“The conclusion is that the officials did what they were going to do. “And if they said it was a violation, I would go the other way. You can’t make that call, break that call,” Auriema said. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m not going to sit here and apologize for that. And if people want to talk about it for the rest of the week, you are welcome to do so. That will not change the outcome. ”


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