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Nixon Overseas Bank Shipment sends Texas A&M to Iowa

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Jordan Worm Nixon hit the short shot in extra time, giving him a career-high 35 points, beating No. 2 Texas A&M 84-82 in second place over seventh-placed Iowa. in the NCAA Women’s Tournament on Wednesday.

Nixon scored seven of A & M’s nine points at OT, pushing the Aggies (25-2) Sweet 16 for the third time in a row. He also led the rally in the fourth quarter, scoring the last four points of the rules.

Lexi Donarsky’s 3 added 2 to the cyclones with two minutes left in extra time, քանի a few seconds later Nixon equalized the layout. Sierra John Onson blocked Ashley Ens ounce’s standings with just 3 seconds left when Nixon came in and tossed the winner.

The dramatic ending comes after Aggies in the first round almost could not escape the sad application of Troy No. 15. Texas A&M is pursuing its second title on the 10th anniversary of its first title. This season, he won his first SEC regular-season title, rising to No. 2 in the top 2 in the school’s history.

Next is No. 3 Arizona, which took a 52-46 lead over BYU.

In the “Yc Cyclones” ens ens had 32 points 18 18 high-level shots recorded in his career (17-11). Donarski finished with 18 points.

Gies Onson had 19 points, eight rebounds and three blocks for Aggie, who are playing in the tournament for the 15th time in a row.

Texas A&M fell 75-71, և 20 seconds left in the settlement, but Nixon made a short jump, իս Alexis Morris forced the ball to jump with Donarsky to get the ball back to A & M, staying 11.2 seconds. Morris seemed to approach the jaw with his elbow, և the officials reconsidered the performance, but they did not appreciate the penalty kick against Donarski.

Nixon entered the zone for the equalizer, with 6 seconds left. Ens Owens had a chance to win the game in regulation, but his shot was blocked by N’Dea. The ball goes out of bounds, but the cyclones can not hit another.


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