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Nikola Jokic’s 27 points put the Nuggets 134-119 ahead of the Pistons

DENVER (AP) – Nikola Jokic scored 27 points in 27 minutes and the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night ruined the return of Grant և Mason Plumley 134-119 undefeated to the Detroit Pistons.

Jokic also made 11 assists in the 83rd double-digit pass of his career, more than twice as many as Wilt Chamberlain’s Hall of Fame in his career.

The Nuggets had 25 points from Michael Porter Jr. and 24 from Will Barton. Before the start of the second half, Denver led the way with 28 of most of their starts.

Following the end of the trading session, Denver won 18 of 15, seven in a row with Aaron Gordon, pushing Denver into the title race.

Grant spent the season away from Detroit, where he averaged 22.4 points, bringing him to Denver. He scored 29 points in 30 minutes to beat Sadik Bey by 25 points.

With his usual balanced goal, deeper than ever on the bench, the Nuggets soon took control 14-0, closing the first half with 11. With a score of 0, 76-56 at the break. After the break, they scored the first five points and were never contested in the last 24 minutes.

The Nuggets were not really threatened at all with Gordon in the squad, complementing Grant’s role as a versatile defender last season, which raises the level of the team’s sport on both ends of the floor.

Gordon was silent (nine points, four rebounds), but he did his usual damage in defense as Denver beat Detroit 40-22 in the first half, 62-48 overall.

“I think it shows that Aaron wants to be a top-level team, a team with aspirations to be champions,” said Nuggets coach Michael Malone, speaking of Gordon adapting quickly to his new team-mates.

“He did not come in here trying to stand out, he came in trying to fit in.”

That self-sacrifice was evident in the third quarter sequence, when Gordon ոկ Jokic passed the ball back four times, the fourth under the basket, until Jokic finally hit the shot.


Pistons. Plumlin scored four points. … The game was originally scheduled for February 1, but was postponed due to a search for Covid-19 contact with the Pistons.

Nuggets. Denver hit 67.3% of the ball in the first half. Ամենամեծ The greatest joy of the night for the 4,000 socially distant fans was the Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning when he was shown on a giant camera during the second quarter break.


Pistons. Visit the Sacramento Kings on Thursday night for the third game of their five-game road swing.

Nuggets. Host San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night in the first leg of the two-legged match at the Bal Arena, which ends on Friday night.


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