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New Zealand is offering cash to host the America’s Cup

WELLINGTON, New Aland’s (AP) – Just minutes after winning the America’s Cup sailing series on the waters on Wednesday, the New Aland’s team offered cash to keep the team together for the next game at the race house.

“We want to see everything again in 2023,” said Stuart Nash, chief executive of the America’s Cup.

Indeed, the government took the unusual step of offering money to the New Aland անդland team without even asking. It is not said how much, but it will probably be a few million dollars ahead, much more later.

In the predominantly sport of billionaires, the a New Նորland government wants to be one step ahead of other teams that want to poach and compete in other countries.

This comes after the New Zealand team paid a British consulting firm to buy its next defense to buy other possible host cities around the world.

“The defense of the cup provides a global opportunity to promote New Zealand as an innovative, successful country in areas such as tourism and exports,” Nash said.

The New Aland Iceland team retained the oldest և most famous sailing trophy in New Aland’s largest city, Auckland, by defeating Italian Luna Rosa 7-3.

The government and the Auckland Council spent $ 250 million ($ 180 million) jointly building new infrastructure to host this year’s event. However, the investment did not lead to the promotion of tourism due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The government said that although it did not yet have the money for the next defense, it expected one to come and agreed to pay for it from existing budgets, provided the race remained in New Zealand.

The idea that the New Zealand team could eventually defend the trophy in Europe, Asia or the Middle East did not deter fans very well.

Murray Bridge, president of the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club in Wellington, watched the race coverage at the club on Wednesday.

“This is the biggest economic stimulus you are going to get,” he said. “Isn’t there anything else on the horizon?”

He said he believed the New landland թիմland թիմ team effort to buy the Cup’s defense was a tactic to gain more leverage with the government.

“It’s like any business, you have to prove your worth,” he said. “In particular, you have to prove to this government, which is very left-leaning, that there is value in it. The composition, technology, items exported abroad, software guys. That’s a lot of money. ”

The other fans of the club were just happy to watch the cruise.

Sandra Brown brought her 18-month-old daughter, Miriam, with her to watch. After work, Brown watched each race.

“It was amazing, it was really great,” he said of the team’s victory. “They worked really hard. They deserved it. ”

He said he was not a sailor but had fond memories of his uncle’s visit to Oakland during previous America’s Cup regattas.

As for Miriam, she did not pay any attention to the race, instead preferring to watch the engine of the Thomas tank.


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