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New owner Buzzfeed cuts 45 by HuffPost newsletter

NEW YORK (AP) – Buzzfeed announced on Tuesday that it has fired 45 journalists, editors and producers of the newly acquired HuffPost.

HuffPost chief executive Hillary Frey, the site’s chief executive and executive editor Louise Rouge, also resigned due to layoffs, Buzzfeed reported.

The dismissals were made by Buzzfeed from Verizon Media to HuffPost, a Buzzfeed acquisition of outsiders founded in 2005 under the name The Huffington Post.

“We have never received a fair blow to prove our worth,” the HuffPost said in a statement.

According to excerpts from the company, Buzzfeed CEO Jon ona Peretti told staff during the meeting that “we will start reorganizing HuffPost today to speed up its profitability. “Unfortunately, this includes layoffs, and a number of talented colleagues will be laid off in the next few days.”

Peretti said that “last year the losses exceeded $ 20 million, this year they would be like without intervention. “Although BuzzFeed is a profitable company, we do not have the resources to cover losses for two years.”

HuffPost Canada will be shut down as a result of the reorganization.

The union said the layoffs accounted for almost 30 percent of its membership.

“We are devastated and outraged, especially after an exhausting year of working from home to cover the epidemic,” the union said in a statement.

Many of the laid-off employees complained that they had lost their jobs on social media after working for many years, and objected to the way they were told, saying that the password to enter a remote meeting was “spring is here”, blinding them. what would you come up with?

Journalist Rovida Abdelaziz called it an “absolutely cruel” day on HuffPost. I have no words. “


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