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New Livestock Assistance Grant Opens for Applications և Some Washington DC Operators Already Concerned

After a year of closure և live performances տարած loss of revenue for the arts area, a new aid grant program was launched on Thursday to help the arts venues. The Shuttered Venue Operators grant, offered through the US Small Business Administration, is designed to support live event venues, many of which lost almost all of their revenue by 2020 while paying overpayments such as rent.

Theater producers, local operators or promoters այլ other live performance venues affected by the epidemic can apply for grants of up to 45% of their gross earnings of up to $ 10 million. They can also apply to cinemas, museums, zoos, aquariums, which meet certain criteria, representatives of talents.

The $ 16 billion grant program is part of the $ 900 billion COVID-19 aid legislation passed in December.

Prior to the epidemic in Washington state, there were 135 independent locations with a capacity of 100 to 2,000 across the country, employing more than 3,000 people and generating $ 785 million in economic activity, according to the office of SVOG Sen. Maria Cantwell. In addition, Cantwell’s office said, citing the National Association of Theater Owners, that there are at least 90 small, independent cinemas in the state that would be eligible for such grants. The Cantwell office hosted a virtual roundtable on Thursday to mark the start of the program, inviting feedback from operators across the state.

Although the grant application was launched on Thursday, at the roundtable, local owners were already raising concerns about its availability and effectiveness.

The SVOG app’s website was “honest,” said Philip Cowan, executive director of Tacoma Arthouse Grand Limited The Cinema.

And indeed, the SVOG system malfunctioning On Thursday,: no application was received, reports The New York Times.

Cowan expressed concern that the demand for SVOG grants is so high that funding for the project could be exhausted.

Charlie Robin, director of the Capitol Theater, also worried that his place might be cut short because the Yakima Theater, whose 100th anniversary celebration “completely destroyed” the epidemic, did not meet the funding criteria for the first and second stages. “There is a demand because the demand is very high,” he said.

Cantwell said the existing funds could cover up to $ 16 billion in grants, but that lawmakers were prepared to review the plan “if it is eventually over-subscribed.”

Many sites had already exhausted other forms of federal funding or distributed projects that could be completed to eventually prepare for reopening.

Rand Thornsley of the Liberty Theater in Kamas said his business had made a “90% cut” since 2019, surviving on payroll program dollars returned to employees. They remodeled the lobby of the theater and reopened it for a “short five weeks” in November before reopening, following public health guidelines.

SVOG grants can fill the planning gap that accompanies transfer instructions generated for local operators.

Usually, said Steven Seerin, co-owner of Capitol Hill nightclub Neumos, his artists painted books six months before artists a year ago, so he hoped the SVOG grant would “get us on the road.” But he said: “It can not complete us in any way … we must continue to push it. “We never want to be in a place where we have to be in defense again.”



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