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Netflix checks for possible password hacking

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NEW YORK (AP) – Netflix is ​​testing a way to crack the spread of passwords.

The popular streaming service uses pop-up windows, asking some users to check their email account. By mail or text, or “confirm later”.

“If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to view it,” the screen says, according to Streamable.com, which was the first to report the test.

The test comes at a time when streaming services are increasing,: more people are sharing passwords and services. Netflix confirmed the test but did not say how many people took the test or whether it was only in the US or elsewhere.

“This test is intended to help ensure that users of Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” the company said in a statement.

On the most basic plan, which costs $ 9 a month, users can stream only one screen at a time. The most popular program, which is now $ 14 per month, allows two simultaneous streams; The $ 18 premium plan allows for 3:

But there is never a limit to sharing an account when you are not streaming at the same time.

The competition has undoubtedly intensified in the flow of entertainment, as the latest entrants ran from Disney + to Paramount + from 2019. Netflix is ​​still the winner with more than 200 million subscribers worldwide.

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