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NCAA teams affected by COA disruptions rely on antibodies

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Baylor coach Scott Drew may have sympathized with his Kansas teammate Bill Selfie when the “ay Ahox” tested positive for COVID-19 during the Big 12, forcing them to back off, raising their hopes for the NCAA tournament.

Finally, the Bears went their own break this season. Twice

They also struggled to get out of it, barely creaking in Iowa, while Kansas inflicted the only loss of a regular season on them. They still did not look like the national contender for the title, as they did before the breaks.

“My heart was with them,” he said of Heart Heart Yahweh, “because I know how the players feel about it, how tough it is on them, I know the coaching staff has to have security.” »

Again, coaches may not be so concerned.

All of those breaks, which 27 of the 68 NCAA teams went through during the season, can benefit them now that they have arrived in Indianapolis. Positively tested players, coaches, and staff members still have long-lasting antibodies that make them less sensitive to getting COVID-19 again, possibly forcing their team out of the biggest tournament of their lives.

“While you may be re-infected with COVID, it seems that newer versions may avoid some immune response. Again, infections are less common,” said Dr. Tara Kirk Cell, a former Olympic swimmer and environmental assistant to Sean Hopkins. վարչ Department of Engineering. “I would have imagined that players with COVID-19 would be less likely to get it now.”

No one knows how effective the antibodies are or how effective they are. But recent research shows that someone who has recovered from COVID-19’s immunity for eight months may be able to live longer.

That could be good news for almost half of the industry, especially Baylor, Florida, Drexel, Grand Canyon, Jonah and Norfolk. Those six schools faced two breaks. Coach Rick Pitino’s wolves spent 16 days in one day and 51 days in the next, the longest time any team has been idle this season.

Those who got the virus felt ugly for days or weeks. When they returned, the teams were often given a few games to restore their legs and lungs.

Baylor’s Statistics PhD candidate Evan Miyakawa found out how the teams have fared this season when they came out of the break. He found that the average drop in the adjusted efficiency margin for teams after the outbreaks was 0.016, which corresponds to a drop of 1.12 points in a normal game.

In other words, the team, which as a result of the analysis predicted to win by 4.2 points before the break, was predicted to win by 3.1 after that. The Bears ended up being one of the most negatively affected teams.

Other teams, like Iona, actually felt better coming out of the break. But no matter how they did it, for better or worse, what they all have in common is the antibodies that those teams brought with them to dance.

“We hope that if the group had been infected in the past, they would be less likely to catch an outbreak or infect several members,” said Dr. Dana Hawkinson, MD, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the University of Kansas Health System. “People who have been infected will still have the opportunity to become infected again. “We just hope they have a lower risk of transmitting the disease, serious illness, or death.”

That’s why teams that have had COVID-19 still do not have the freedom to have fun in Indianapolis.

Having an illness can reduce the amount of stress on some players իչների coaches, but each member of the team’s travel party still has to test every day. They are mostly limited to their hotel rooms if they do not go to an internship or any approved event. Masks remain everywhere, hands are washed everywhere.

“The world is like this now,” said Oklahoma striker Cade Cunningham, shrugging his shoulders. “We just try to take care of ourselves, to test negative as many times as possible, to stay positive, I suppose.”

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. That was the case when the referee gave a positive result earlier this week. The five people who went out to dinner were sent home just before the start of the tournament.

“It will never be perfect in an epidemic,” said NCAA Vice President Dan Gavit. “I do not think there is anything that can be pointed out as a kind of failure. Just unfortunate circumstances. “

Perhaps the COVID-19 breaks during the season will prove to provide some protection for March Madness.

“The whole season has given us a break, hasn’t it? But that’s all you can do, “said Oklahoma coach Mike Boynton. “It is not that the virus will simply disappear. You respect that, you try to be hardworking, but you really can’t hide it. ”


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