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Nadal defeated Kareno to meet Ts Tsipas in the final of Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) – Rafael Nadal will face incandescent Stefano in the final of the Barcelona Open after the 11-year-old champions beat Spain’s Pablo Careno 6-3, 6-2 on Saturday.

Nadal took a 5-1 lead before Kareno took a break. Then, Kareno had a chance to take three breaks in Nadal’s next official match, but the latter saved everyone and closed the set.

Any thought of Carreno’s return was shattered when Nadal broke his first Serie II debut in a frightening manner. Carreno thought he had broken the ball beyond Nadal’s forces, only for the 20th time in the position of the winner of the Grand Slam in a diagonal position ակը the ball exploded next to him as Carreno lost his foot and fell under the clay.

Top record holder Nadal improved his career record of 8-0 against 13th-placed Carreno.

Its second-placed team went ahead after beating Niknik Sinner 6-3, 6-3 in its eighth straight win, including last week’s title in Monte Carlo. The 26 victories of the Greek in the men’s tournament this season correspond only to Andrey Ruble.

In February, Open Tsipas won the quarterfinals of the Australian Open at the Australian Open when Ts Tsipas closed the two-set deficit in four hours.

On Sunday, Nadal will try to stop the winning streak of Ts Tsipas.

Overall, Nadal holds the record for 6-2 with a 2-pointer, including a victory in the 2018 Barcelona Open. In the final.

“It feels great to be back (final). I will try to redeem myself from the last time, “said Tsitsipas.

Nadal, 34, has won all 11 of his finals in Barcelona. He dominated the 2005-09, 2011-13 և 2016-18 tournaments in his home country. He lost to the final champion Dominic Thiem in the 2019 semifinal. Last year the event was not held due to the coronavirus epidemic.


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