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More than half a million Americans receive coverage under Biden

WASHINGTON (AP) – More than half a million Americans have benefited from the Biden administration’s special health insurance registration window closed by the COVID-19 epidemic, the government announced on Wednesday that more consumers will be covered in the coming months. ,

The reason officials expect registrations to continue to grow is that millions of people have been eligible to receive the subsidized pumps from April 1 for their premiums under President Biden’s coronavirus assistance legislation. The special opportunity to register plans for the Affordable Care Act will be available until August 15.

Biden campaigned on a strategy to build on Obama-era health legislation to get coverage for the United States for all. As president, he has not lost time. First, during the epidemic, he reopened the legal health insurance markets. Subsequently, the virus aid package effectively reduced the cost of health insurance by making taxpayer subsidies more generous while allowing more people to qualify for financial aid. These sweeteners are available for the rest of this year, until the end of 2022.

More about the COVID-19 epidemic

Figures released by Medicare և Medicaid Services centers on Wednesday show that 528,005 people had just registered for government-sponsored private programs between February 15 and 31.

But those numbers are incomplete, as they cover only 36 states served by the federal HealthCare.gov insurance market. National enrollment will be higher when total amounts are further argued from states such as California and New York that operate their own insurance sites.

The new report also found that more than 870,000 people who visited HealthCare.gov or contacted a call center were found to have eligible Medicaid, a federal-state health plan for low-income people.

Although President Donald Trump spared no effort to overturn the Obama-era law, more than 20 million people remained under it at the end of Trump’s tenure. That number is combined with HealthCare.gov plans, as well as low-income adults covered by the extended Medicaid. But with the cessation of the coronavirus, the economy is losing jobs and the number of vulnerable Americans is growing. Biden was trying to stop the erosion, he hopes it will eventually disappear.

Some of the states with the highest voter turnout are those that voted in favor of Trump last November, including Florida, Texas and North Carolina. Florida made the biggest profit, with more than 146,000 registrations.

The non-partisan office of the Congressional Budget Office estimates that some 33 million Americans are not insured. That’s still less than President Barack Obama’s health care bill passed, but it is a reversal of previous years, when the uninsured interest rate was steadily falling.

The CBO estimates that about 3 million people lost their coverage as a result of the epidemic. Some private experts estimate higher numbers in the range of 5 to 10 million.

Republicans say expanding the health care law is the wrong way to go, but they have not been able to unite around their vision of health. The political arena is left to Biden, who is narrow-minded in Congress trying to pursue an ambitious health agenda, including a new “public option” program as an alternative to private insurance by providing Medicare with a prescription to negotiate directly. drug prices.


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