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Monthly child loan payments will start circulating on July 15. Here’s what parents need to know

July residents can look forward to the extra cash starting July 15 as the IRS expands its tax expansion for millions of households.

Children under the age of 5 will receive $ 300 per child per month for younger children.

Newly Revised Child Tax Credit Payment Up to $ 250 per month for each child ages 6 to 17.

The scope of the child tax credit has been significantly expanded to include 17 փոքր younger children instead of stopping at 16.

About 39 million households, which would satisfy 88% of US children, are going to receive monthly payments in 2021 without doing anything. The Internal Revenue Service said Monday morning.

The IRS has information on 2020 tax returns that will be used to issue child tax prepayments in 2021.

Families will receive payments for the middle of this year, and next year they will have to file a tax return to receive the remaining amount.

But many families, who usually do not need to file a low-income tax return, are encouraged to submit their 2020 budget soon. Returns to provide sufficient information to the IRS to send their monthly child tax credit.

“While many taxpayers are not required to take action to receive their payments, the Treasury and the IRS will continue to work with partner organizations in the coming months to inform more families of their eligibility,” the IRS said.

A new feature of the child tax credit is the prepaid monthly payments, which will be valid from July to December.

The goal is to help families pay their bills now, not wait for money to come next year.

Families will receive the money directly through a deposit, check or prepaid debit card, the IRS reported on Monday.

IRS և The US Department of the Treasury has announced that monthly payments will be made on the 15th of each month, unless the 15th falls on weekends or holidays.

“Families receiving a direct deposit loan can plan their benefit budgets,” the IRS said in a statement on Monday.

The extended loan costs $ 3,000 per child per year for children ages 6 to 17.

The loan offers an additional $ 600, providing up to $ 3,600 for each 5 5 younger child. Filing a tax return, experts say, allows the IRS to know where to send your payment, how many children you have. The amount was temporarily increased in accordance with the American Rescue Plan for the 2021 tax year.

The US Rescue Program is expected to lift more than five million children out of poverty this year by halving child poverty, the IRS said in a statement.

The IRS also noted that since March 12, the US Rescue Program has issued about $ 165 million in economic impact payments totaling $ 388 billion.

A child’s tax credit is complicated in itself; it has many rules.

If divorced, for example, only one parent can claim the child loan. The baby must live with you for at least six months of the year.

Under the old rules, the Child Tax Credit offered up to $ 2,000 for each child aged 16 and over, but the repayment was limited to $ 1,400 for each child.

The 2021 Child Tax Credit will be repaid in full, while the 2020 Child Tax Credit will be repaid only in part, says Mark Lusomb, chief analyst at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting.

Not every family can qualify for a larger Child Tax Loan or perhaps a loan in general.

The child tax credit waiver range starts in 2020 with a modified adjusted gross income of $ 400,000 for joint divorce and և 200,000 for other fillers.

“This remains the 2021 stage of the Child Tax Credit for the $ 2,000 principal loan,” Luscombe said.

But in 2021, more money may be in the $ 2000 range for many families with lower incomes.

If you qualify, you will receive up to 1000 $ 1000 for children ages 6 to 17 $ $ 1,600 for children over 5.

You will be eligible for the full loan if you are single և and your income is less than $ 75,000. Or, if you are single և taxing as a household manager, your income must be in the range of $ 112,500 to receive the full benefit.

If you are married and file a joint declaration, you will be able to receive a full benefit if your joint income is under $ 150,000.


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