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Moet Hennessy buys 50% stake in Jay-Z Champagne

Moet Hennessy acquires 50% stake in rapper-entrepreneur Jay-Z’s Champagne brand in an effort to improve its excellent factor գործ expand distribution.

The terms of the deal, announced Monday, have not been released.

Armand de Brignac, known as the Aces of Spades because of its unique label, is produced by a father and son who make 12th և 13th generation winemakers in the Champagne region of France.

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, gave the brand a boost in 2006 when he showed one of their bottles in a music video after a public crash with rival brand Cristal. Carter accused Crystal of racism after the brand’s CEO interviewed him about working with the rapper to damage his image.

In 2014, Carter bought Armand de Brignac for undisclosed funds. The brand sold more than 500,000 bottles worldwide in 2019.

Philippe Shaus, CEO and CEO of Moet Hennessy, said that Arman de Briniac breaks down barriers, reflects modern ideas of luxury, even if it supports the historical traditions of champagne.

“We are incredibly proud to work with them,” Shaus said.

Carter said the partnership will help Armand de Brignac grow and flourish, setting a record for Moet Hennessy by developing luxury brands such as Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot. Moet Hennessy is a luxury alcoholic beverage division of LVMH.

“It’s a partnership we’ve known all along,” Carter said.

Cards is one of the few celebrities to benefit from working with an alcohol brand.

Actor George Lov Clooney founded Casamigos, a tequila brand in 2013. It acquired the drink giant Diageo in 2017 for $ 700 million. Last year, Diageo raised $ 610 million, including Aviation American Gin, co-owner of actor Ryan Reynolds.

Actor Dwayne “Rock Widow” John Onson recently released a tequila brand called Teramana. Singer John on Legend has his own wine label – LVE. And in 2018, singer Bob Dylan launched the Heaven’s Door whiskey brand.


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