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Mobile teams make COVID-19 vaccine home calls in Seattle for those who really need them

LYNNWOOD – Here is what Abel Cordova և his guardian had to do to get the standard picture of COVID-19.

  • Arrange transportation for her wheelchair.
  • Wait up to 30 minutes for the trip to arrive.
  • Head to the vaccination site և wait for the shot.
  • Head home.

“She was sitting in a chair for at least an hour and a half, maybe longer, and she was in pain,” said Heather Morill, who takes care of Cordova at home.

Instead of undergoing a stressful campaign, Cordova, whose right side was paralyzed a few years ago, received a home call this week.

A two-person team of 10 from South County Fire Department delivered the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine to a 63-year-old Linnwood man in his own bed.

“Here you go,” said Kim Sharp, an emergency medical technician who dropped the needle. “It’s so fast, you’re done.”

From a public health perspective, the COVID-19 vaccine is a digital game designed to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This is especially true now that more contagious versions are spreading the fourth wave of infections in Washington.

But many health departments are also pushing for individual vaccines for people who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes.

“I know going door-to-door is not effective, but it is a very vulnerable part of the population,” said Leo Zi ip, who in early February began looking for someone to vaccinate his 102-year-old mother at his Beacon Hill home. “He can not walk, he has not left the house for more than a year.

It was early April when a group of cellular vaccines finally scheduled its first shooting.

“We’re glad it worked out,” he said. “I know my mother is not the only one there who needs this kind of care.”

Since launching its home-immunization program in early April, Snohomish Health District has shot 188 people, 128 of whom have been fully vaccinated. Public health. Seattle – King County announced its plan last week; 48 people have been vaccinated in their homes so far.

Kitsap Public Health has identified about 3,000 residents who may need home vaccinations and plans to send them postcards explaining how to organize their filming. Pierce and other districts have similar initiatives.

“Snohomish County began contacting people close to their homes after local fire departments’ mobile vaccination teams completed their primary drive to vaccinate residents of public homes, nursing homes and other areas,” said spokeswoman Carrie Bray.

“Then we started researching what awaits mobile teams, focusing on people who simply do not have access to health outside their homes,” he said.

Massive vaccine sites continue to be the focus of health, but it was clear that some people could never take it to a car or even a pharmacy or clinic.

Bray says patients are referred by family և caregivers, and the health care unit is referred to senior organizations և community groups.

“We are really focused on people who are connected from home out of necessity,” he stressed. “Not for those for whom leaving home is just an inconvenience.

The King County Guidelines state that the service is intended for people “who have an injury, developmental defect or medical condition that makes it difficult to get out of the house; it will take a significant tax effort to get vaccinated outside the home.”

“If anyone has a reason for not being able to come out to get the vaccine, I doubt we can find a way to get it,” said Captain Ruth, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority Public Information Officer. “The problem is the schedule, we are trying to be as efficient as possible at the moment.”

King County Home Vaccination Teams are made up of nurses և an EMT program designed to reduce the risk of other injuries, so this is a good place.

Vaccination of isolated elderly people may seem like a small contribution to reducing the spread of the coronavirus, but it can have a big impact on large families, said the ip, whose family includes 13 siblings and their children.

They have acted in good faith to minimize the number of people their mother interacts with. When he gets his second blow, the grandchildren can visit again.

“We will be a little calmer about spending family time,” said PP.

Cordova, whose stroke cost her a job as a contractor, a passion for playing her classical guitar, said she was looking forward to a little more freedom, perhaps a few visitors.

“He is a brand new grandfather, so his vaccination will help us all feel a little easier about things,” said his wife, Wendy Cordova. “I hope this encourages people left at home to call and get vaccinated.”

For more information on home vaccinations և scheduling can be obtained from the COVID-19 call centers in your area, including Snohomish County, 425-339-5278; King County, 206-477-3977; Pierce County, 253-649-1412; and Kitsap County, 360-728-2219 for English, 360-728-2218 for Spanish.



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