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MLB 2020 newcomers debut in the stands with fans

NEW YORK (AP) – Debut at the Treasure Rogers Championship was only about half as expected.

“Lots of shocks,” recalls the Miami Marlins left-hander. “And cardboard cuts.”

Rogers, like the other 211 players who played in the league in the big league in 2020, got acquainted with the high level of baseball in an unusual way. An epidemic-ending season when fans were almost completely banned from the pitch. Many of these players are now returning to professional branches, all of which have been replaced by a handful of people with disabilities, who are still the largest number of newcomers to date.

“It was amazing,” said Marlins Jr.’s young colleague Az Chisholm Jr. “

Chisholm և Rodgers both broke with Miami last season as part of a rising club that overcame a slow seasonal outbreak of coronavirus, ending a 16-year playoff drought.

Rogers admits that the fans threw him out of his game for a moment. On April 5, the 23-year-old made his debut in St. Louis, falling behind 3-0 after making his first foray into the hill. Mechanical problems were part of the problem, but he also admitted that he had that debut again with 4,605 ​​fans in Marlins Park.

“I definitely dominated,” he said. “Hearing the noise of the crowd, the conversations, the small talk, the encouragement and the ridicule – all those good things, it was something I had to get used to again. It definitely made my heart beat a little faster. ”

To make the choice of the first round in 2017, Rogers correctly decided his next step. Sunday’s game in New York with two-time Cy Young Award winner Jacob Degrom. He 3: Gained a 0-0 advantage over the Ace of Greats, assisted by Chisholm’s stunning hoops with deGrom 100 mph.

With his bright blue hair and extravagant jewelry, Chisholm’s desire to perform for the audience is not very surprising.

“I like to have fans there,” said the thief. “I like to hear them talk about their garbage, I like compliments, I like everything that the fans bring to the game, the energy. He does everything for me. It gives me goose crumbs that are going to go there and play a game. ”

In the big leagues, business is out of the ordinary. After filling the stadiums with cardboard-like stadiums last year, teams began to allow limited fan access, averaging around 10,000 people per game. For players coming from minors, that crowd is already as big as they have seen. Triple-A parks are usually played by an average of 5000-9000 sponsors.

Some returned just in time.

Yermin Mercedes was the star of the Chicago White Sox, becoming the first player since at least 1900 to open the season with eight straight shots. During the start of its first four championships, no less.

The 28-year-old seems to have established himself as a fan favorite in less than two weeks. He was greeted with great joy when he came to the bat.

“They love me right now,” Mercedes said. “I feel comfortable, I feel great because I know there are people behind me.”

That crowd is an easy incentive for players trying to get back to the big ones, like Colorado Roxy right-hand man Ryan Castellani. On August 8, the 25-year-old was called up for the start of his first taxi squad championship, scoring four goals against Seattle.

“From a selfish point of view, it was amazing,” he told the Associated Press. “I mean, I like to call myself pitching, it was a great game. But from a family point of view, all that, I would say, was a little disappointing. ”

Castellani finished the field in 10 games, all a bit bitter because his family could not come to see him in person. He has been with his wife since high school, that is, he has been with her throughout his career. But he, like the rest of his family, had to watch from a distance.

He made sure he collected memories, including at least half a dozen goals since his debut, a few weeks after his first victory. He distributed them to family, friends, and other influential people, including Chris Forbes, assistant director of development for Roxy players, who tracked him down and drafted him.

Castellani is training on an alternative training site in Colorado, waiting for his next big league opportunity. He is grateful that he had something soft open last year. “It was just baseball, there was no deviation,” he said, “but he expects it to feel different the next time he plays in the big league hill.”

“That first game ahead, like a huge crowd, a huge ball, having a family in the stands, I will feel just as good, maybe even better than my debut,” he said.


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