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Michigan increases the capacity of the stadium, requires testing of a young athlete

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan eased outdoor stadium restrictions on Friday before the opening day of baseball, but ordered a weekly rapid test of teenage athletes against the coronavirus virus, which ranks fourth last week.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said she has no plans to tighten COVID-19 restrictions yet, citing ongoing vaccinations, but citing concerns about versions of the virus that are spreading more easily.

“If we all take personal responsibility here, we can re-engage and make it safe,” the Democratic governor told a news conference, with a senior health official warning that the state could be in the top three. wave

Under the revised health policy, which takes effect Monday, some outdoor arenas and stadiums, including Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park, can accommodate up to 20% of their capacity if they have an infection control program that meets state guidelines. : The hat, which was 1000, for Tigers games will rise to approximately 8,200.

Detroit was the 29th of the 30 major teams in the league to announce its plans. Only Houston had not yet. The Tigers said that limited individual game tickets will be available on the team’s website from Thursday.

From April 2, all athletes between the ages of 13 and 19 must participate in a weekly free coronavirus testing program. In the past, this was voluntary, except for winter sports prescribed by school sanctions, where masks are not recommended, such as wrestling. The test was also used to finish football, volleyball, swimming and diving tournaments when they resumed in January.

Dr. One Oney Khaldun, chief medical officer of Michigan, identified 315 outbreaks associated with sports teams in January-February. The Whitmer administration lifted a one-month ban on contact sports almost five weeks ago, just days after frustrated parent-teen gatherings at the Capitol.

“We want to find any case as soon as possible and prevent it from spreading,” Khaldun said.

The order will also allow people to wear masks at residential gatherings if everyone is vaccinated, which is in line with the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Michigan COVID-19 case և positive rates increase within a month. The corresponding hospitalizations have increased in the last two weeks, but remain below the peak level. For the first time, school-related outbreaks outweighed long-term outbreaks in care facilities, which Khaldun attributed to staff-resident vaccinations, but he said it spoke to the risk to children’s activities, such as sports.

“The most important thing we all want for our children is to study personally, not to close at school,” he said.

Khaldun expressed concern about the state’s viral numbers. As of Thursday, March 11, one in 548 people tested positive, just behind New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

“I know it’s getting hot, the vaccines are rolling, people are tired of this epidemic. “But we have not yet left the forest,” he said. “How it depends depends on what we all do together to protect ourselves and our families.”

COVID-19 is thought to have caused at least 16,800 deaths in Michigan.


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