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Mets-Nationals 3 game series came out after positive COVID tests

WASHINGTON (AP) – The entire season of three games between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets team opened on Friday after three players from the 2019 World Series champions rated COVID-19 positively.

The “nationals” announced the postponement of the games scheduled for Saturday in the “National Park”, saying that the decision was made “as a result of continuous follow-up tests, in which the members of the” Nations “organization are involved.”

The opening day game in Washington on Thursday night had already been postponed, a few hours before its start. ,

At least three Nationals players tested positive for COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

CEO Mike Rizzo said on Thursday that the fourth player was considered a “potential positive”. He did not identify any of the players involved.

According to Rizzo, one of the players had a fever, who said that the others did not show any symptoms.

Further testing and searching for the connection was done to make sure no one could get sick or be exposed.

Rizzo said the team had, in fact, instructed that all members of the Nationalists should be quarantined, not just those who were reportedly injured.

“We are still in an epidemic, people still have to take it seriously. “Unfortunately, it hit us. We have to take care of ourselves now,” said Nationals manager Dave Martinez on Thursday. “I can only say. Be safe, keep wearing your masks as they ask, և you know it can still happen to anyone. It is difficult for us now, but we are going to overcome it. ”

Friday was originally designated as a day off for nationals և seniors to allow a make-up contest if there is a problem in the first game, such as rain.

On Thursday, the “Greats” were training in the “Nationals” park, the pitchers were throwing the attackers alive.

“Honestly, it was not a surprise. “We have been in a similar situation since last year,” said Metz manager Luis Rojas. “Health is the number one problem in the world. We take care of ourselves. Everyone takes their mask everywhere. We do everything we can to do it. ”


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