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Merkel blames German “perfectionism” for the current plight of viruses

BERLIN (AP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed her country for its difficulties in the coronavirus epidemic, from slow-moving vaccines to blockchain rules, an “improvement trend” and called for greater flexibility in addressing them. the latest wave of events.

In a lengthy television interview with ARD late Sunday evening, Merkel acknowledged that her government had made mistakes, including plans to block an attack.

The longtime leader also expressed frustration with the actions of some German state governors, including members of his own party, who faced stricter restrictions with which they had previously agreed.

But Merkel, who is not running again in the September general election, said she was committed to offering a vaccine to every adult by the end of the summer, and insisted that Germany was still doing well with most of its neighbors.

“Maybe sometimes we are very advanced, we want to do everything right, because obviously whoever is wrong always faces a lot of public criticism,” said Merkel.

“But there has to be flexibility,” he added. “I think it’s a feature that we, as Germans, probably need to learn a little bit more as we strive to improve.”

As an example, he noted that doctors and vaccine centers should have lists of people who are ready to receive the remaining staff at the end of the day. So far, Germany has vaccinated far fewer people than Britain, the United States or Israel.

Recent polls show that Merkel supports her government, urging Germans not to despair.

“We have a difficult situation,” he said. “But look at our problems. “With the exception of Denmark, they all face the same problems, in part from much more difficult positions.”

“We also need to show a little courage and strength,” he said.

The German Agency for Disease Control reported 9,872 newly confirmed cases 9 43 deaths overnight. Since the outbreak began, the country of 83 million has recorded 2.8 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 և 75,913 deaths.


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