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Mercedes and Mullins shine fast from obscurity

In the first few games of the season, the hot line is growing, although this performance of Yermin Mercedes would probably stand out at any moment.

Mercedes became the first player since at least 1900 to start the season with eight consecutive hits. He added one more hit to the Chicago White Sox on Sunday night, now 9-14 for the season. Not bad for a 28-year-old rookie who has only won one championship so far this year.

This early run is fun for the fans, in part because they can raise a previously unknown performer into national consciousness for a few days. It probably won’t, but it’s more proof that baseball is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Speaking of surprises, it’s the Baltimore Orioles, who sit on top of the AL East, after sweeping three games in Boston, 18-5 points. The Orioles are expected to be one of the worst teams in this year’s game, but they gave the Red Sox a hammer after Cedric Mulins, who was drafted in the 13th round in 2015 and scored for Baltimore last year.271. In that first round against Boston, he went 9 instead of 9. Come back in about a month to see where he և Orioles are.

One of the most memorable recent events of the early season took place in Detroit in 2006. That was the year Chris Shelton made nine home runs in the Tigers’ first 13 games. For the rest of that season, he scored seven and then two during the rest of his league career.

There is still a long way to go.


The Los Angeles Angels sent two-way star Shohei Ohtani to the hill against the White Sox on Sunday night, throwing him in second place. He was the third pitcher in 45 seasons to fight for himself in a game where a designated striker could be used, a move that paid off when Okhtani landed on the ground floor.

Okhtani also closed Chicago with four moves, but the White Sox scored five and three, և Okhtani was out of the game. When the place of the pitcher appeared in the sixth, the Angels used Albert Pugols as a rotating blow. Then, with a double switch, they moved the jar to the sixth place in order. The game ended at home to No. 5 Wald of Los Angeles, No. 5.


We are left with only three undefeated teams: Houston (4-0), Baltimore (3-0) and Philadelphia (3-0). How many teams won at least three games last year before the first loss?


It was not ideal for baseball, but there was one iconic case when Miguel Cabrera of Detroit tied the knot for his 488th career – առաջին the first home run in the major leagues this year – on opening day as snow rolled around Comerica Park.

Cabrera had such a hard time following the ball that he slipped the second one, thinking that he could still play.


Jose Berios of Minnesota Կ Corbyn Burns of Milwaukee has been involved in some of the most impressive fights of the young season so far. Both teams did not hit until Byron Buxton repatriated Burns in the seventh from the Twins.

After six innings, Berios pulled back without hitting unbeaten, Minnesota finally settled for Saturday 2. In the victory with a score of 0.

Berríos hits the 12th. Burns had 11 shots և no moves. It was the first major league game of the modern era in which both starts had at least 10 hits at a time, allowing one or less hits.


Zero. Last season, no one managed to start 3-0, only Houston, San Diego, St. Louis, Los Angeles Dodgers reached 2-0.


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