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McDaved’s late goal, 2 assists, Oleser sent Flames 3-2

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) – Conor McDavid scored the lead with 3:45 to add two assists on Saturday night. Leading Edmonton Oilers 2 on the Calgary Flame.

In his previous three games, the star striker had conceded all points, և all losses to Toronto’s Maple Leafs.

“I think it’s a big win,” McDavid said. “When you stumble like we did, sometimes it’s hard to find a way out. I thought we did a good job as a whole, just sticking to it, sticking to it. “Holding that game, even though we probably didn’t have our best start.”

Kayler Yamamoto tied it 2 in the third round. 0 և helped McDavid. The “Oils”‘s goal was also scored by ess esi Puljujarvi (15-11-0), and Chris Russell made two goal assists.

Coach Oni Godron ո Noah Hanifin’s goals in their first game against Bozers (11-12-2) after coach F ord Ward was sacked and replaced by Daryl Sater. Calgary assistant Ryan Huska has taken over as head coach and Sutter is set to join the team on Monday.

Godrեց turned to power play, Hanifin got his first season.

“I thought we had a really good start,” said Hanifin. “After that it was quite a post-match game. It’s a competitive game. It will always be competitive. It stings as a loss. But I think we competed. “If we play like that and compete like that, we will have more success than not.”

Mike Smith won 34 saves. Jacob Marcstrրm scored 30 goals for Calgary.

Smith had 20 saves in the first period.

Edmonton defender Darnell’s nurse Կ Calgary striker Milan Luչiիչը put on his gloves in front of the Bozers’ bench for an inspired fight. I will not miss, Eulers striker James Ames Neal and Flames striker Matthew Tkachuk also exchanged fists for a little over three minutes, playing in the first round.

“I loved it,” McDade said. “Taking a (nurse) big man is a special thing,” he said. (Neal) their rejection of Tkachuk is obviously emotional for our group, վեց gave us a break too. Hats for both of those guys. ”

McDavid has scored his 15th goal of the season, his fourth win over Edmonton.


The oil workers paid tribute to Wayne Gretzky’s father, Walter, before the apple fell. Before the silence, the team made a video in memory of Edmonton’s wonderful father. Walter Gretzky died on Thursday at the age of 82.


Flames. Host Ottawa Senators Sunday night to start a five-star household.

Oils. Host the senators on Monday night to start a three-game series.


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