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MASTERS ’21. The key anniversaries of the champions of these years

AUGUST, GA. (AP) – Some of the masters’ anniversaries this year.

75 years ago (1946)

After four years of work due to World War II, the masters resumed and were very indignant. Herman Kaiser, who left the United States a year ago, started to build a 69-68 five-goal lead, maintaining that lead over Ben Hogan, advancing to the final round. Keizer was fighting on 74,, it seemed that he could throw the Masters with three strikes on the 18th day. That tied him in a draw with Hogan in the final. To win the soul, he had a bird putty from 15 feet, ran it by 3 feet, missed the back kick. Keizer graduated between the ages of 6 and 282, earning $ 2,500 for his only profession. Hogan closed with 70. He won his first major in the PGA Championship that year.

50 years ago (1971)

Jack Nicklaus was coming out of his first major run of the year at the PGA Championships in February 1971 in Florida. He equaled Charles Cody, a 54-hole leader, who sank his last three holes in 1969 in Augusta to lose by two shots. The charge was leveled against 23-year-old ny oni Miller, who had 14 holes at the age of 6 to become the leader. Miller scored two of the last three holes for 68. Cody turned the game around with the birds on the 15th and 16th to build the lead with two shots, և Nicklaus sprayed cold, which prevented him from reaching it. Cody closed with 70 for two shots against Nicklaus (72), and Miller for his only major.

25 years ago (1996)

The stories were written in practice before the start of the final stage. Greg Norman, who equaled 63 in the opening round, took a six-point lead over Nick Faldo on Sunday. Finally, it was time to give Norman his due after so much compassion from the Masters. Instead, he suffered the biggest setback in his career. Faldo fired three shots through eight holes, and then Norman fired three straight shots, and they connected, going 12th to 12th. Norman’s ball briefly reached Rae’s Creek to keep the two-spotted double behind. It stayed that way until Norman pulled his tea bag into the water in the 3rd and 16th parts of the water for another double splash. Faldo closed with 67 և five shots, which was often ignored because Norman scored 78 points and lost the 54-hole lead in the history of the biggest league. Faldo won his third green jacket. Norman never beat the Masters.

20 years ago (2001)

Tiger Woods finished last year winning the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. He had to wait about seven months to become the only player in all four professions known as the “Tiger Helmet”. Woods advanced to the finals with a one-goal advantage over Phil Mickelson, while David Duval was in hiding. Dynamic Sunday was all that anyone could ask for. Mickelson tied Woods four times but never passed him. Duval ran four straight birds ին 10’s Woods tied the bird. Duval last tied Woods to a bird on the 15th, but on the 16th his shot remained in the top drawer, he put three times to keep one of the bogeys behind. Duval dropped bird droppings within 10 feet of the next two holes. Woods beat Duval (67) and Mickelson (70) by two blows for the 18th bird for 68.

10 years ago (2011)

Rory McIlroy reached the final with four shots. Few could have imagined so many opportunities on Sunday, when eight players had at least a leading share, at some point behind nine. Charles Schwartzel finally gave these Masters a worthy end. McIlroy lost his way through the huts և trees for the triple spotted hole in the 10th hole. Three-legged 7-foot on No. 11, four-legged 12-foot-tall 12. He shot 80. Adam Scott’s Aussie trio. , Ason Eason Day և off of Ogilvy Everyone had their chances. Schwartzel became the first Masters champion to finish with four straight birds, and the latter won by 66 points with two strokes against Day և Scott.

5 years ago (2016)

Jordan Worm Spiet was in the Butler Cabin, as everyone expected, and he was there to present the green jacket to Danny Willett at one of the Masters’ biggest showers. Spieth concludes with one blow, reaching the final, becoming the only player to win consecutive Masters titles. He led the turn with five, and at nine he realized that it was a crown. Instead, it collapsed like any other shock. Spieth started with nine straight straight backs and then put two balls at Rae’s Creek at 12 to make a triple caricature. The door was open, և Willett walked through. Willett suddenly took a one-shot lead, jumped 16th and finished his variegated 67th round. Spiet tried to gather, but his hopes were dashed when he let go of an 8-foot-tall bird on the 16th and spotted it in a bunker. On the 17th. He hit 73 with 73 shots on goal, three shots behind Lee Weswood.


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