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Master Matsuyama receives the Prime Minister’s Award

TOKYO (AP) – Hideki Matsuyama received the Prime Minister’s Award for winning the Moldar Golf Tournament in Tokyo on Friday.

He was the first winner of the Japanese aponia at the famous American club Augusta National.

A few weeks after the earthquake, Matsuyama won the low amateur title in 2011. The disaster killed about 18,000 people.

Matsuyama received the award from the Prime Minister of Japanese Aponia Yoshihide Suga, who greeted him this time և 10 years ago to raise spirits in Japan Aponia.

“You have continued to encourage the affected areas by marking the 10th anniversary of the disaster. You have great courage,” said Suga. “While it greatly contributes to the advancement of sports in Aponia, it is truly remarkable that all people’s efforts to achieve their dreams and hopes.”

Matsuyama said he hopes to win a gold medal at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

During the presentation, Matsuyama wore a green Masters jacket, presented the Prime Minister with a green tournament hat, and tied a flag from the club.


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