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Maryland is hiring an assistant for former Wake coach Danny Manning

Maryland on Monday hired former Wake Forest coach Danny Manning to assist Mark Turgeon’s staff, reuniting some of the college’s older teammates.

Manning, who played Turgeon in Kansas in the 1980s, spent last year as an ESPN analyst. He was sacked by Wake Forest after his side broke a five-game losing streak in six seasons and only competed in the NCAA once.

“I have known Danny for a long time, returning to our teammates in Kansas. I can not say enough about him as a coach, as a person,” Turgeon said in a statement from the university. “He saw it all in a basketball game; it will bring unparalleled experience to our program.”

Turgeon said Manning has a history of recruiting in Washington, as well as strong national ties. Manning won the NCAA և Best Player of the Year award in Kansas after Turgeon’s departure in 1988, and was Bill Selfie’s assistant when Jeyhok was national champion in 2008.

Manning coached in Tulsa in 2012-14. Until the main work of Wake Forest. Maryland is set to travel to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, with Turgeon recently extending his contract until 2026.

“(I և Turgeon) have known each other for a long time, we have had many fights together over the years,” Manning said. “I’m happy to help the coach build on the success he has had in Maryland.”

Manning, 54, was the No. 1 pick in the NBA in 1988 and spent 15 professional seasons. Maryland hired him almost a year after he fired Wake Forrest after setting a total record of 78-111 և 30-80 at ACC.


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